You know the Sol Arcade? You know, the one in Jamaa Township? Well, let me tell you a story about the Sol Arcade. Did you know, if you logged on Animal Jam at midnight, you would be transported to the Sol Arcade and into a secret room. Then there would be a one player game, and if you click on it the game card would show up, and it would say: File One, Lion's Pride. If you were lucky, the Play button would pop up. A Default Lion would be the playable character. But if you had a customized Lion, you could play with that. When you walked down the trail, Hyenas would pop up. You could scare them off with a Roar button. Then when you got to the end, a mother Lion, a Lioness which has not been released in AJ, and a baby cub would greet you. Then a funny glitch would happen and it would say: You Won 1000,000,000 Gems! And it was true. If you checked your currency, it would have 1000,000,000 Gems. If you want to try, try it, just remember, this was deleted for a reason. The End

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