You switch off the radio, sighing. You had just gotten into a major breakup with your girlfriend/boyfriend.

You felt like apologizing to them, but you knew that they would just lash out..

"Listen to your heart love." Called a voice softly. It was your angel. "You should go apologize, they will forgive you."

"Ha! Forgive?" Sneered the devil. "Fat chance! Go and break up with him/her, they don't deserve you!"

You looked between the two. You stood up, and raced to your apartment. You knew what you had to do.

"Listen to your heart.." You murmer, and quickly call up him/her.

"I'm sorry for yelling! Please forgive me?" You ask."

You hear a soft laugh. "Of course I forgive you! Wanna come over tonight?"

"Sure!" You hang up.

The moral of this is to go with what your heart says. You may think differently, but you know you should always follow your heart. ♥


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