Animal Jam's rules are pretty simple. Not everyone even reads them. But what if there was a punishment for not reading the rules?

A smart jammer, AJHQisbae, had skipped the rules, thinking, "I can do whatever I want. It's not like AJHQ is going to know that I didn't read them." AJHQisbae went to Jamaa and told everyone to be quiet because he runs this game.

"I don't care what you're going to say." The all-caps used in this threatened other players. "I work for AJHQ and I can share every single one of your email addresses, and credit card info if you got membership."

Never give out personal info! Flashed on his screen. When he saw someone try to leave, he said, "What? Are you a BABY? Leaving Jamaa?"

Play Nice! Flashed on the screen. But he did follow half of a rule. Log off.

When the owner of the user, AJHQisbae, got off Animal Jam to go eat, he received a phone call. It was AJHQ calling for a parent or guardian to speak to. "I didn't have a guardian or parent when I made my account. I don't follow your stupid rules." He hung up the phone.

The next day, he decided going onto a cheating site would tell the jammers who's boss. He entered a cheat code. Cheaters Never Prosper! Flashed on his screen, but he wasn't on AJ yet. He was on the cheating site. When he called AJ stupid to himself, something flashed on his screen. Use Kind Words!

When he turned around in his chair, there was a man in a black suit, with something on it. 'AJK' In red, smeared letters. When the boy asked what that meant, the man responded with, "You didn't follow the rules." The boy was never seen again-and his player was banned forever from AJ.

Listen to the rules, Jammers.

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