My mother never loved me. My father never fed me. My sister never saved me. My brother never helped me. My family, hated me.

My name is Jack Will Roberts. From first, to middle, to last. I've been in many foster homes. I was abused, hurt, I was the child of sadness. My life was a living hell. My first foster home had a younger sister, a sexual brother, and parents who never cared. I had to share a room with that brother, I couldn't sleep. My younger sister was spoiled, got what she wanted. Once I rode my bike down a hill, and she threw a rock at my tire. I fell, broke my arm. And guess what? I got a bandaid. And my sister, never got in trouble. I carved wooden knives and escaped, and then had another foster home. This time I had a dad who lived in a truck. I was exposed to inappropriate magazines, and he was a drunk. I ran off again.