Little Rainybunny: Waitwaitwait... how did CHOCOLATE get into this game?!

Me: Same reason you can turn into a phantom.

Little Rainybunny: Oh. Anyway, where's the chocolate?

Me: Time for a game of hear and seek! *A small poof noise echoes arround the desolate township*

Little Rainybunny: *ears perk straight up*

Me: *another poofing noise, but louder, echoes arround the township, followed by a loud THUD. a large gray phantom with an undefined iris color and big floppy ears falls out of the sky* Phantom Otto, please get out.

Phantom Otto: *flaps floppy ears* Why?

Little Rainybunny: We were playing hear and seek!

Phantom Otto: Oh. *flies away using massive ears because too lazy to use normal phantom levitation*

Little Rainybunny: I think I found it! *grabs chocolate bar in jaws*

Me: Yes, yes you did.

Little Rainybunny: *OMNOMNOM chocolate*

Me: So what do you think about chocolate?

Little Rainybunny: *mysterious voice* PLAY AN ADVENTURE WITH ME!

Me: Oh no....

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