T'was just a SF (Story Forum) by Raggedyanniam. Have fun! Btw, if this is you, Kosh, you're not allowed to add The Doctor, Jaga, or any of your usual characters. If you do, they will be edited and deleted from the story.


Two bunnies who had all the new styles and studs at epic wonders that were orphans were making fun at a homeless 5-year-old bunny name Twinkle ShyEyes.

(Who wants some CANDY?)

Twinkle Shyeyes hopped out of the pillow room. Nobody wanted to adopt her, but she could always try again tommorow! She desperately held onto that small sliver of hope as two other rabbits hopped out of Epic Wonders with new elf armor. "Hello!" She said politely, hopping up to them. The rabbits looked disgusted. "Look kid, unless you have rares to trade, buzz off!" Said one named

AnimalJam 10

Twinkle Shyeyes, a homeless 5-year-old bunny that is bullied by Cute and Darling.

Duchess Elegantlady. "Yeah! You're cramping our style, hobo!" said the other one, named Queen Diamondbunny. "I was just-" began Twinkle, but was cut off by Duchess. "Yeah! What are you wearing anyway? Oh, I know! AN OLD HOOD THAT THE WOLVES PEE IN!" The bullies burst into

AnimalJam 8

Queen Diamondbunny, one of the bully's. Considered the "leader" of the two bullies.

laughter, not noticing a panda glaring at them angrily from the pillow room. "You leave her alone!" He growled, stomping over. "You two shouldn't be sayin 

AnimalJam 9

Duchess Elegantlady, one of the bully's. Considered the "sidekick" of Queen.

that stuff to her, not when you two idiots are orphans!" He stood in front of Twinkle protectively. The small rabbit whimpered as the other two rolled their eyes. "Jeez, who dressed YOU? You look like you spent all day in the mud in Appondale!" The panda growled and lunged at the two rabbits, attracting the attention of everyone in the township. The rabbits jumped out of the way and quivered in fear, until the panda felt a hand on his back.

(Its bleeding Kosh!)

He turned around and saw a mysterious human dressed in scarlet robes with a skeleton mask on his face. "Let me handle this, why do you spoiled rabbits torment a younger one?" said the mysterious human. "You're ugly!" yelled Queen at the human. "I've heard alot about this mask. But isnt it wrong to judge?" asked the human. He took a small book from his pocket and opened it up.


He chanted some sayings in a language older than time itself. Queen and Duchess screamed as they were sucked into a vortex. The human closed the book. "There. They shouldn't bother you anymore," he said. There was a bright flash, and he was gone. The panda turned to Twinkle. "Now run along little one, it's getting dark and you should be home," he said kindly. Twinkle sniffed. "I-I don't have a home..." she wept. "Then I shall adopt you, Twinkle," the panda said. Twinkle was about to ask how to panda knew her name, but she was too happy to question anything.

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