Do you know me? Of course you don't. I am Prancing BraveLily. Now, I am not any animal that been in Animal Jam. What am I? I'm a Zebra. I was supposed to be one of the animals from the Beta Days. I was supposed to be one of the first ever animals here. I bet you're wondering... "If you're supposed to be in Animal Jam, then why aren't you?" And I am just getting to that.

In 2011, me and all of the other zebras were getting ready to be launched. We were so happy. But then, a bug got in the game and glitched the entire game. It was so severe that the Temple of Zios and Coral Canyons weren't in the map. It also glitched us animals. It removed our parts and made us look like floating pixels. Luckily, AJHQ repaired this major bug. But the zebras were deleted from the game. Why? AJHQ noticed that the zebras were causing the bug. We had some sort of error... well I don't exactly know how. We had to get deleted so the game can run normally. Zebras started to disappear one by one... forever. Then everyone was gone. I was the only one left.

Now you're wondering, "If zebras got deleted, how are you still alive?" Well, I'll tell. But it's quite tragic. AJHQ thought they deleted all of the zebras. But no. I was the only one left. But since I was the only one, the game was only glitching a bit. Then, when AJHQ checked the mainframe, I was there. Cold, hungry and lonely. AJHQ then did something horrible to me. One of the admins right clicked their mouse on me and chose the action, "Delete". I started screaming as the message popped up to their screen, "Are you sure you want to move ZEBRAPLAYER799.png to the recycling bin?" I then saw the mouse slowly move to "Yes". Then, I disappeared. When I opened my eyes, I only saw the screen in front. I was in the recycling bin and I was file. It showed a 8-bit version of me in a jumping position as a file surrounded me. I thought he was going to permanently delete me. But luckily, I heard him over talking saying, "Once we develop something... we might be able revive the file and make zebras in Animal Jam." But I just have one problem... when?

Today, I'm still a file in the recycling bin. Will I ever come to AJ? I don't know. Will he delete me permanently? I don't know. I'm just really uncomfortable here... I'm just locked up here....

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