This story is a WIP (Work In Progress). Please be patient and wait for the author to finish.

When I was 9, I would play Animal Jam every day. It was just so adorable to me. The little bunnies, the cute items, almost everything was fascinating.

Now I am 13, and I decided to check on the cute little game. The only thing I can remember in the game is my bunny character wearing a red scarf.

I logged onto my account and I immediately saw Jamaa Township. It was crowded and full of users with memberships. Most of them were half my age (judging by their grammar) and a few were surprisingly adults (again judging by grammar).

I tried to say, "Hi! I'm new to Animal Jam! Can anyone show me around?" But my speech bubble was blocked out by carnivorous traders and people warning about "scammers".


"Report Xela263 for scamming!"

"Ew! That guy kissed a guy!"

They said thing far worse, but I can not type them here because it would lower your IQ level.

It dawned on me that Animal Jam was full of rare loving members and homophobic toddlers. Not exactly the place where I want to meet friends.

Sighing, I moved my mouse cursor over to the words "Log Out". Animal Jam was definitely not what I was hoping for.

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