A Vision of Peace

The young prince, had lost interest in everything, Everyone was sad to see the changes in their beloved Tiger Prince, Siddharth. " Father, Give me permission to leave this palace and go elsewhere, I prefer a change in place " Siddharth said one day. The prince had everything. A palace to go to when it was summer, winter, rainy season. The worried king, readily accepted his sons complaint " If that's what makes you happy, I give you permission " As Siddharth walked out, he silently beckoned his minister and said " Minister, keep a close watch and stay near him, and take care of him " Siddarth padded far from his palace and looked around, " What a lovely place, " He said seeing a frog eat a worm, then a snake gulp the frog, then a eagle swoop down and carry the snake in its talons. " What suffering do animals outside my palace go through? I do not like to see this, sad and miserable existence in our world, " He sat under a rose apple tree, and started meditating. For the first time in his life he could feel a sense of peace, and serenity. His mind was now relaxed, and at ease. Siddharth returned to his castle, to come the next day. The next day, Siddharth padded around the cities of Jamaa. He saw a wolf give birth, " Hmm so that's birth? " He saw a elderly Arctic wolf next " Ah, Thats old " and he inspected a injured wolf at the edge of life, " Thats hurt " and lastly he saw a dead seal. "This must be a life cycle, Born, old, hurt, die " He said thinking it over. " I have found the true meaning of my life! From now, I will find true happiness, and find a cure for the suffering of the world, let me proceed to return to my palace " He went to his father and asked to change the sufferings in the world and find true peace. His father replied " Siddharth my dear, please forget about leaving this palace, you are still young to lead the lonely and arduous life of a holy man, put off your decision until your old enough, Moreover, you are the heir to the throne. " Siddharth looked in his fathers emerald eyes and said " I will rule this kingdom if you give me four promises. " His father brightened up " What is that? " Siddharth replied calmly " You will never grow old, You will never fall ill, you should not die, and you should not be in a state of unhappiness, even for a moment. " The king deeply disturbed, passed orders for the palace to be heavily guarded by Arctic wolves. But The prince simply got pass and went to get his horse. This was the end of his Prince life, But his Buddha life? Was just beginning,.

A Mothers Grief

Gotami, A tiger approached Buddha as he asked " Gotami, why do you look, so sad? " Gotami sadly replied " My only son died today, I want you to bring him back to life, I hear your a holy man, please get me out of my misery " Buddha then said " I can help you, but I need mustard seeds from a house where nobody has died " She gracefully thanked him and set off to find a house where nobody has died. She couldn't find a house, everybody's relative seemed to have died, she returned to Buddha and told him " Everybody had a relative that died, I buried my son, I have realized that I am not the only one to feel grief, how foolish I was " Buddha warmly replied " Gotami, you have learned that death happens to everyone sooner or later, deal with it, and you will live and die in peace "

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