That was all Snowflake Spiritwolf could see. Nothing but darkness stretching for miles and miles. Long ago, the creators of Animal Jam, AJHQ, had decided to shut down the game for good due to a murder that had involved the 'kid-friendly' game. Apparently, a young jammer, about 9 years old, had met a boy that 'fell in love' with her in-game wolf avatar, Snowflake Spiritwolf. The two decided to meet up in real life which ended up in the owner of Snowflake getting murdered. Snowflake then closed her eyes and started to remember old memories.

Often before, Snowflake had blamed herself for not warning her owner that doing such a foolish thing as that would end up in large trouble, but she just couldn't. She was being controlled by her owner. No matter how much the poor wolf could do, she can't. Idiot! She thought to herself. Why can't you do something you mangy furbag!

It wasn't her fault though. She's coded to not do anything when the player controls her. All she can do is think. Thinking how useless she was. Whenever Animal Jam updates, that's when she's finally allowed to speak or talk by herself. One day, she went to visit her friend, who was a usually hyper hyena, Lucky Frozenmoon.

"Hiya Lucky! What's up?" Snowflake said as she padded towards the hyena. Lucky looked at her with sadness written all over her swirly-patterned face. "Is there anything wrong?" Snowflake asked, worried. Lucky finally spoke up. "I-I'm sorry Snowflake, but I'm getting recycled soon..." Snowflake stiffened. No... this can't be happening! "But you're Kat's favorite animal! How could she decide to recycle you? You've been her main animal for so long!"

"I'm sorry, Snowflake. Goodbye." Lucky turned and slowly walked towards her den, locking it upon arrival. Afterwards, Snowflake walked back to her den, warm tears falling from her eyes. As she went inside her den, she slumped against the door and screamed. "Why?! Why is this happening?! First my owner could possibly be killed, and my best friend I've known for years is going to get recycled!"

Snowflake shed tears and wailed into the darkness. Nothing was here. Nothing but her. She was the only animal left, or, the only living being in this wretched place. Snowflake sat down as another memory came back to her.

"Quick everyone! Evacuate, now!" Liza, the Panda Alpha yelled at the top of her lungs as everything began to crumble around Snowflake. Everything she ever knew was getting destroyed at this very moment. The white wolf watched in horror as the ground began to swallow up Liza. "Run! Keep running until you reach the border of this world-" Her words cut short as she fell to the dark abyss. Snowflake spun around and started to run, as everything and everyone slowly started dying behind her. The wolf's muscles hurt, but something urged her to keep running.

At last, for what seemed like decades, she was finally at the border. Beyond the border, there was darkness. Nothing but a shadowy realm. Snowflake had no choice but to wander in that darkness forever until she found civilization.

But it seemed like Snowflake had lost every bit of hope in herself. And slowly, she started walking towards the darkness.

Snowflake gazed at the huge darkness. She felt like she could collapse any moment now, but she had to keep wandering. She wanted to find hope. But then, Snowflake gave up. Nothing was there in this endless prison but herself. Nothing would ever restore her hope. She fell to the ground as she watched her life flashing before her eyes. The white wolf didn't dare move a muscle. She knew this was it.

This was her end.