(this is a REAL story about Animal Jam) made by unknown user

I had played aj before. I was convinced by my friends at school to play. On and on I played as non member. I got diamond armor. I got a freedom hat. Then one day went to Coral Canyons. Many people pretend to be Fman122 and Lost Jammer but i wasn't convinced at least one was the real one. One of them looked at me like none of the others. His name Awesome Sunnybrave. Spooked, I went to my den to chill. He followed me unlike the others. He said ( in all caps ) JAMAA IS LOST. I AM LOST. 7:00 ALL IS LOST. This was freaking me out. I locked my den. He was still there. I left. I called my friends to pandaknight1's den. My friends lolanimal37, jeremia93, sunnielo, and lovecat4545. That night at 7 he came he controlled me and still does today. His user is - berzerk00. BEWARE JAMMERS OR I JUST MIGHT SPAM YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA HA HAHA!

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