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Angel in the Distance

A fine morning in November, dawning clear and bright. The wind blew crisp and cold, a bitter chill that sent shivers down my spine. The trees were bare, thin fingers that reached towards the sky. Their leaves had been whisked away by the autumn winds, swirling and soaring through the air. But there were also less fortunate fragments that had not been carried off by the breeze, drifting sadly to the ground instead. The leaves that gathered on the cold earth crackled and crunched, tattering beneath my pawsteps. Fall's presence had enveloped the peaceful outskirts of Sarepia, bringing change with it.

Change... Such a powerful force... So wild, so unpredictable. So untamed, so destructive. Yet so beautiful, so powerfully beautiful. It was magnificent how things could take on such a different form, how they could evolve into something new. An ever-present principle, indifferent to what it caused, only knowing the truths of justice and what must be done. A beautiful destruction.

I came to an abrupt halt.


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