Blooming dead

World: Draa


Victory Shypaw was a raccoon who lost his love, Blooming Windymoon. I made wings so that he could fly in hope of him going to Heaven and finding her...

He was walking in Sarepia Forest crying. Then then went to sleep in a pile of leaves. When he awoke, he saw many animals. 

He sat near the leaves, he didn't spoke, he started to fly. He started to fall do to the wings being fake. "Help! I'm falling!" He yelled.

He fell in a pile of stone. He was ok, with a few parts bleeding and broken. He stayed quiet.

He woke up after a bit. "Ugg, my leg... I think it broke." Victory said, then a raccoon came by and fixed his leg. "Thanks!" Victory said as he ran off to the Lost Temple Of Zios.

He went into Brandy's Lab and tried to make a pink healing spell power with the chemistry set. A pink spell was made, he took out a dead rat and split it on it, it didn't work.. "NO! He yelled.

He tried again, it didn't work. "WHY!" He yelled. He ran to a hole and cried.

Blooming's ghost was looking for Victory. She as in the same place as when Victory fell, "Victory?" She said. Then, she faded.

Victory looked for her after he heard her voice. "BLOOMING!?" HE yelled. A panda named Happy came by. "Whats wrong?" It said. "I... Don't want to talk about it..." Victory replied. He ran off after a bit.

He was teleported to a field out side of Jamma. "B-b-blooming!?" He said."Yes... It's me..." Blooming replied. "Victory tried to hug her. She hugged back! "I MISS YOU!" He said with tears running down is eyes. "I.. Love... You..." He said. "I do to..." Blooming replied with a smile. "I'll always be with you..." She continued as she faded. 

Victory was teleported to Jamma Township near a grave from The Night for The phantoms that read: "Here lies Blooming Windymoon who died from being impaled in a rock. The phantoms made goo on it saying: "One Animal Down, a Ton more to Go!" Victory smiled with tears running down his face as he cleared the goo. He fell down crying. 

I love you... AJ

"Why did you have to go... I miss you..." Victory said.

"I'll be here with you..." Blooming Replied.

"I... I love you..." Victory Replied back.

As Blooming put her paw on Victory's paw. 

"I love you too Victory."

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