So there is a different version of Love and Lies that I also wrote, but after thinking about it a lot, I decided that it would be easier to just create a new page rather them edit the whole thing. PLEASE DO NOT EDIT THIS PAGE FOR ANY REASON!! If you have a concern, post it in the comments and I'll fix it for you. BUT PLEASE DON'T TOUCH MY STORY!!! Something else to know, this story contain mild cussing and adult behavior, if you can't handle it, don't read it.

Chapter 1. The Bad Idea

Also, just so you know, the main character is a girl.

You sit in your den, bored out of your mind. The fox you're playing as is dark gray, wearing nothing but a worn. Tapping the keys impatiently, you try to come up with something to do. Every game in Jamaa has been played, all prizes unlocked, and your adventure level is at a solid 30. And yet, there has to be something new to do.

Suddenly a dark idea pops into your head. You try to shake it off, but the more you try, the more you want to do it. You soon give in to the temptation of trolling, creating an arctic wolf by the name of Awesome Muddyghost. You hastily dress yourself as masculine as you can, changing your den to the haunted house rather then some purple and pink den.

Once you're done, you head out to Jamaa, bounding down to the Pillow Room. Once inside you begin to dance, saying, "Girl wanted." After about four or five rounds of repeating yourself, the sound of recieving a jam-a-gram rings through your speakers, a pleasant contrast to the endlesaid Pillow Room theme song.

You open the message eagerly, already knowing what it would say. It was from an arctic wolf called Major. "Me...?" She said, it sounded more like a question then a request. So the girl whose heart you would break was shy. You quickly send her a buddy request, she accepts just as you arrive in her unlocked den. Sparkle soon joins you in her den.

You pull her close to you, putting up the lovesick emoticon. You've decided to let her enjoy this relationship before you break her up.

You spend the next three hours of your life with her, mainply making out but you manage to convince her to take a shower with you once. All the while she still thinks that you're a boy. All to soon she said a that she has to go. You log out a few minutes later.

That night you toss and turn in your bed, unable to shake the memory of Sparkle. You think about her angelic timidnes, trying to imagine what her shy smile looks like in reality. It pains you that you lie to her every waking moment, making her think that you're a boy. You... You're in love with her.

Deep down, you're scared. You've never been through something like this, but at the same time you can't wait until you talk to her again.

Slowly you drift into sleep, dreaming of you're Sparkle.