I look down at my animals. I look up at Jamaa. My room is empty. My laptop is about to die. I may die. My animals may die. Everything I've done on Animaljam may die. Others may die. I am file #1. I hold everything. I am the God of Animaljam. We will all die behind a screen.

File #2 is angry. File #2 holds all animals; she's jealous of me. "I'm going to make sure all animals live!" She will scream. "Lovely, darling!" I'll say. And we'll stop. And we'll sleep.

File #3 is sad. She bathes in the pixelated tears. She will cry right now. File #3 holds all dens. "I will make sure every den stays where it is!" She will chant. "Lovely, darling!" I'll say. And we'll stop. And we'll sleep.

File #4 is crazy. He stays awake, staring, crying, yelling. He will scream right now. File #4 holds all den items. "I will make sure every item is deleted... Staying... Deleted... UUUGH!" He will scream. "Lovely, darling!" I'll say. And we'll stop. And we'll sleep.

File #5 is confused. She stays in the corner, wailing. She will talk to herself right now. File #5 holds all clothing items. "I don't know what to do!" She will cry. "Lovely, darling!" I'll say. And we'll stop. And we'll sleep.

I, myself, am in charge of everything, and everything else. I'm the hero. Yet, right now I'm sitting down. I'm writing everything that is happening. I am not happy, not scared, not angry, not sad, not confused, I am waiting. I'm doing nothing but waiting.

Black flows through the room. The laptop dies, the files die, the clothing items die, the dens die, the animals die, the furniture dies. Me? I am still sitting, and still waiting.

"Lovely, darling!"

Hello everyone, Rag Doll is HERE, :3 This story is not troll-fiction, a story, or a creepypasta. This is what came in my head, perhaps it's the end of Animal Jam, and File #1, since he knows everything, hence being the god of Animaljam, knows that none of the files, including himself can do anything, so he simply sits, and waits. Giving his mind a way to peacefully die, unlike the other files.

Message of the story? As I said before up top, sometimes you know something bad will happen, and you know you won't be able to change it. So relax, and let the worst slide away, for a peaceful start and end. <3 ~Rags

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