Lunifer the Lunatic Art By Leahretical


The Beginning

It was stormy and dark night when Lunifer,  was taking a walk. Rain pelted down on her black fur, and lightning flashed in the sky, but she was not afraid. Her red eyes scanned the area, her scarf whipping around in the cold wind. Each step she took was placed in the muddy puddle they called "the road", and the sharp stones tore at her tail. Each step she took sent her farther from Jamaa Township, but she didn't care. Lunifer padded on until she reached a graveyard. She walked up to a gravestone and bowed her head, her antler touching the ground (she lost the other).


​An amazing tiger mom.

Born on October 31, 1987

Died Friday the 13, 2037

That was her mom, Lolly Lol Mool. She was murdered by a leaf that fell off a tree and flew into her mouth, choking her. Lunifer sighed sadly. She set down the berries on her mother's grave. Lunifer padded away, leaving the graveyard. A couple hours later, she reached her Den, which was an enchanted hollow. Her faithful black and red-striped snake, Metaljaw, was waiting for her. They had a cup of tea and then went to sleep, rather relaxed.  The storm raged outside, and the home was poorly heated. However the reason why Lunifer tossed and turned the whole night, writhing and tearing at the sheets, was not because of the dismal weather.  If you were there, you would be able to tell something was off.

Maybe it was the way lightning filled up the whole underground house, or how rain seeped through the ceiling and began to pool on the floor, or maybe it was all of those factors combined, but something other than her miserable home was off....

The next morning, the floor was all mud and large pawprints stamped the walls and ceiling, and Lunifer woke up with her missing antler in her paws.  Later, she'd find that there were only pawprints leading into the house, none leaving.

​Chapter 1

 Someone must've broken into my house, Lunifer thought as she lept out of her bed, landing and slipping on the cold mud that was the floor.  She quickly got up and slid around her home, desperately checking for the tresspasser.  Her vision was foggy and she couldn't breathe quite right.  ​Where's Metaljaw?​ She pondered. Did they take him too?​ Lunifer felt as if she was choking and her mind began to feel as muddy as the floor.  ​Argh.... Gotta make myself some tea.... Clear my mind....​ She blindly picked up her empty teacup and sipped at nothing.  Her simple wooden chair and table were the only furniture in her house, yet she managed to collide with them more than twice.   

​[I'm rewriting this, so this is a WIP.  Please do not edit beyond spelling/grammar.  Also, you may post ONE OC in the comments section, but be warned that they may suffer a somewhat gruesome death.]

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