Just as a head-warning, this is more MLP-related than Animal Jam related. I'm not going to answer comments complaining that this isn't Animal Jam and all that stuff, so please keep those complaints to yourself! Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

Starlight Glimmer was just beginning her little village. All she needed now were ponies to populate it - ponies whose talent was removed. And that's where me and my sister's story begins! Hi, my name's Palette, and I'm a colt. My sister's name is Fading Heart, and we're both blank flanks - only if that stupid equals cutie mark was gone! But I'm rushing foward too early. Let me start at the beginning - the beginning of when this all happened. Me and my sister, along with my mom, Kindbound, were taking a stroll in the mountains. A few days ago, our father died, so we were looking for a new town since our family's unicorn work depended on our father. Then, Mom bumped into her - Slarlight. "Oh, you look like you need somewhere to live? Come with me and I'll show you true happiness!" She gleefully said. So, Mom, Fading Heart and me followed her. But she lead us to a cave instead! "What's this?" I asked. In front of us all was a glowing rectangular grid - it looked like there were a few actual cutie marks in there. "This is the cutie mark vault!" Starlight gleefully said. "And here-" *Starlight Glimmer points to a staff* "- is the Staff of Sameness!" Using magic, she picked it up, and zapped us with it. Me and Fading got the equals cutie mark, and Mom's cutie mark was removed and put in the vault, another equals cutie mark taking place of her wispy peace-sign cutie mark. "There," Starlight said. "Now let me lead you to my humble village!" A few minutes later, we arrived at a town where the houses lay to either side of us, and a house in front of us, which Starlight said was hers. Leading us to a house with no apparent inhabitants, she kicked the three of us in there, and a voice coming from a megaphone started playing.

Folding my ears crossly, I pulled out a random book from a bookshelf and opened it. Nothing except a large equals sign! "I don't think Starlight is going to let us live in a house until tomorrow," Mom said. "because the door's locked." Fading Heart groaned unhappily, because she was a rather impatient mare. I tried to use unicorn magic to at least pull the megaphone off the wall, but it wasn't working! That sameness staff had something to do with it, I'm sure. The night passed with the two of us siblings reluctantly sleeping next to Mom for comfort, and before you could say, "I'm outta here!" really fast, the door opened to a crowd of miscellaneous un-talentfied ponies and Starlight. "So, who's ready to really join our little village?" she cheerfully said. Raising my hoof, I quickly replied, "All of us are ready. We're sick of being cooped up in this little building!" Mom and Fading seemed to support my choice, because they stepped up and raised their hoof, too, making it appear we were all ready to join the villa. Seeming slightly insulted but cheerful as ever, Starlight smiled like the rest of the other ponies were, and all of them cheered. Mom stepped up. "But can you build our house as quickly as possible?" Sis asked. "Even if it isn't you, I just want it built as quickly as possible." Starlight nodded with cheer, and built (using unfair magic) our new house! Sis said thank you, and then we began to look around at the shops in the village. It seemed there was only two; a bakery and a clothing shop. Years of the same little village passed, and me and Sis were now fully grown ponies.

Mom wasn't feeling too well, for she had to stay in her bed. Knowing that she might have cancer or another deadly disease, I rushed towards Starlight's house. Knocking on her door rapidly, Starlight opened it reluctantly, asking, "What's gotten you knocking on the door this early in the morning?" "Mom's sick," I hurriedly replied, "and seeing as you're the only one who can use magic in this village, can you help her?!" Starlight replied with an unfortunate, "No, I have something I need to do!" Thinking, What's more important than healing one of her own ponies in the village? Trying to stealthily follow her, I followed Starlight up to the Cutie Mark Vault, where I saw her taking Mom's cutie mark - and absorbing it. I mean, I don't know why, but I saw a little wrinkle and a few grey hairs on Starlight Glimmer, so I assume she was using cutie mark magic for youth! Rushing back to my home, Fading Heart opened a window and helped me inside. "So," she asked. "Was Starlight able to help?" Mom opened her eyes slightly, also smiling a bit in the process. Sadly shaking my head no, I explained everything that I had seen and heard earlier, then I trotted over to Mom. Mom barely said this, but she managed to say, "It's ok. Even if you can't save me, I'll go to a better place, where the angels will take care of me." I touched her, crying, but her body went cold and she peacefully closed her eyes, making it look like she was in an everlasting sleep. "Mom..." I quivered. "She's dead... And it's all because of Starlight Glimmer!" My face turned red for a few seconds, then I returned back to tears. But somehow - a switch in my brain went on. Smiling a bit, I asked my sister if there was a painting set in the house. Fading somehow remembered that back when Mom was still alive and we were just fillies, Mom had packed some painting supplies including an art canvas which Starlight didn't take. Trotting down to the basement, I set up the canvas and began working on a piece of art.

A week passed, and the painting would be delayed by sleep and hunger - the only solution for that would be very bad muffins - but I managed to finish it, and the result was beautiful. It was a painting of Mom in her seemingly endless sleep - when suddenly I saw the light of a flash. Turning my head so I could see my flank, I was overjoyed when I saw my cutie mark: a colorful painting palette accompanied with a brush! I truly was happy. I didn't care about Starlight's words that no talent would make me happy, so I rushed to my sister to show what I had gained. Fading Heart was happy for me, and I reassured her that she would get hers! Finally able to use magic for the first time, I carried my painting through town towards Starlight's house to show her what I had created, sure that she might be proud of me somehow. Ponies who saw me had their mouths agape, shocked to see a pony who gained a cutie mark in the village! I felt pride, and more than anything else, I wanted to escape this wretched place along with my sister and my now dead mom! I comforted everyone, saying that they might get their cutie marks back someday, because I didn't want to make them uncomfortable. Finally arriving at Starlight Glimmer's house, I gently knocked on her door. We were both equally colorful, but I wasn't surprised when she opened her door and formed her face into an emotion of surprise and anger. "So," I said, finally breaking a long silence. "Shall we battle next Tuesday?" "Sure..." Starlight said with slight anger. "We'll battle next Tuesday."

I began painting armor and other equipment like mad, giving Fading to opportunity to use magic to make the armor come to reality, gaining her the cutie mark she'd been waiting for - ironically, it was a heart with one half seemingly fading away to the wind, but she deserved a cutie mark after all this time! Finally, Tuesday came. It almost looked like a Wild West scene, me at one end of the village and Starlight at the end where her house was. She had the Staff of Sameness as her weapon, and I knew that if she hit me with it - no, wait, I don't think it's the magic coming from the Staff of Sameness, it's from her unicorn horn - that I would lose my new cutie mark. A de-talentfied pony blew a whistle, and the battle began. I blocked every single one of the magic beams coming from the Staff of Sameness with my broadsword, and my tactic was to charge 'n slash. Throughout the entire battle, Starlight had a look of malice on her face, obviously angry with me obtaining a cutie mark and no longer having equality! I really didn't want to draw blood, but if somepony drew blood, then the match would be over immediately. The match would also be over if our weapons broke, but the match continued for about 10 minutes without bloodshed or broken tools. Then, suddenly, I drew blood and broke the Staff of Sameness, the first one I didn't want to happen. The same referee pony blew the whistle again, saying, "Match over! Palette is triumphant!" Me and my sister truly smiled, Starlight mending her wound and the 'beloved' Staff of Sameness.

Later that day in the evening, me and Fading stood at the exit to the village. We were going to leave just about then, when a filly and her mother approached us. I also should mention Fading was carrying Mom's dead body in a light glass coffin (with magic), so that we could remember what she had looked like in the past when she was alive. Of course, the mother and child were de-talentfied, but the filly said something. "Maybe," she said with hope. "One day, some other ponies might come here and bring our cutie marks back?" I nodded, replying, "Maybe. Just maybe. Be patient and hope!" I smiled, waved goodbye with my sister, and we trotted off into the sunset.

This story is officially done!

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