( i know my last one was bad but im new so im not so good i hope you like this )

It was Friday. i logged on to animal jam and went to jamaa township and did some trades. when something caught my eye. a black fox with red fire designs. he said fox party my den fox ONLY!!! I have not gone to a certain animal party in a long time so i turned into my fox and went to his den. there were at least 30 other foxes there. suddenly room went black.

when i could see the screen again my fox the other foxes were chained onto the wall. then Liza, Greely, and the black fox came out of the shadows, Each holding a sharp, bloody, butcher knife. i saw i table with bloody fox hats on it then Liza said, Not everyone can live and those who do live will wear your death. it was then Greely, Liza and the black fox blindfolded the foxes including me and then it was silent i took my blind fold off i bit and saw the most horrifying thing in my life. blood, organs, gore and dead headless bodies of foxes were every were then Liza came to my fox and whispered goodbye. and the screen went black.

i hope you enjoyed my creepypasta! you can find me on animal my username is manas3

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