Malice Armor Set
A non-member wolf, whose name was Master Grandleopard, paced in circles around the Sarepia Forest fire. Normal roleplayers were all around her, pretending to be Warrior Cats and whatnot. But this wolf had a full set of Malice armor on - a type of armor which didn't even exist yet. Sulking, Master quickly noticed a bragging snow-leopard named Emperor Thecat - who had a bloody basic healing staff!

She sprang into action - "Beta store my den! Buddy me if you want to come!"

Emperor, obviously a member of greed, fell for her trap, and buddied her. Coming to the den, he sensed something off about the den - he didn't know why, but it seemed pretty normal. There were even the promised betas! Master came to her den, smirking as Emperor played in the betas like a child. He quickly noticed the Malice Armor Master was wearing, and immediately asked if he could have the full set.

"No," She replied. "Just the betas, not the armor."

Emperor begged and begged for the full set of armor, but she declined. Finally, he put up with the denial of him recieving this unreleased armor, proceeding to gather up the den betas he wanted. When he arrived at the mouth of her den (which happened to be the default castle members usually have), Master was gone. Emperor then realized what was off about her den - she had acess to the default member castle, which could only be possible by hacking. But Master didn't hack.

Emperor suddenly fell down through a hidden trapdoor, losing his gathered betas. When he landed, he found himself in a cold, concrete room which seemed infinite - the walls weren't in sight. He wandered foward for a bit until the concrete stopped - instead, there was grassed-over earth, a tiki torch, a pond and a mysterious gust of wind. Master rose out from the lake, wearing the malice armor - but this time, the blue material in the armor was glowing.

Confused, Emperor tried to ask why this was happening. But before he could even say a word, Master screamed at him, "You greedy pig! All you care for is betas, rares, unreleased items, and spikes! But all you have is a bunch of PIXELS! Do you even FEEL for THESE THINGS? Heed MY warning, RECYCLE THAT STAFF NOW, OR PREPARE TO SUFFER!!!!!"

Emperor, being your typical greedy member, replies with a rude "No!" This was a b-i-g mistake. Master proceeded to harness the power of the elements, using the water to muffle Emperor's cries, the wind to pin him down on the earth, the fire to burn his staff, and finally, the earth to bury him alive. Before Master left to trap more victims, she whispered to the earth, "A taste of malice." Then, she left to give other greedy members a piece of her mind.

Please note that:

  1. The armor is made of ruby, emerald and sapphire.
  2. A certain armor material glows when a certain element is used. (Ex.: Ruby glows when fire is used.)
  3. Master will only react if you have a beta, spike or unreleased item in your inventory. She's friendly otherwise, and if you happen to have a beta or spike in your inventory, you can work your way around her by saying, "I traded fair and square for this item!" This will not work if you scammed for the item, however, and it will not work with unreleased items. It will work if it was agreed to be gifted to you, too. Master Grandleopard knows the truth...

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