The Late Arrival

Delta Draconis botled upright on her bed, looking nervously into the darkness of her room.

She tried to make out a dim silhouette, but forcing herself just made her head spin with dizziness.

The curtains danced and swayed to the breeze of the night when she remembered something.

Her Dream.

It was blurring fast like a forgotten memory, and it was too quick for her.

Before Delta could process the dreams happenings they were faded and blurred in her mind like a childhood memory.

She swore fluently under her breath and looked out the window.

Something was zooming towards her window, getting larger any second.

" It could make a sharp turn." But no sooner than the words emerged her mouth the weirdest thing happened.

The owl zoomed into her room and morphed into a human while processing its flight through the window.

Delta was lost beyond words.

" Well I'd like a welcome or something nice." The boy snapped, before muttering things like," Sent Somewhere, Annoyingly, Could have sent someone else."

" Not to be rude but, Who the Bloody Hell are you? " Delta asked raising a eyebrow at the boy.

He ran a finger through his thick burgundy hair," Orion Ceti." He casually replied.

" And Why are you here? "

" Not much of a good welcome." The boy grumbled, before replying." I came to get you. You See, you have royal blood."

" Of England?! " Delta asked excitedly.

" Well, do english people morph?! " The boy retorded rudely.

" Sorry about that, its not common in Essex for people to be morphing into owls."

" Its alright." Orion kindly replied, his hard gaze was softening.

" You have royal blood of Xeunia." Orion continued.

" Xuenia? " Delta asked.

" Yeah.....? your a Guardian of Light."

" And What Guardian are you? " Delta was finding this very hard to believe.

" A Guardian of Strength, I'll explain everything later! " He added when he saw Delta's puzzled look.

" Now. you have a choice." He kindly said.

" You must leave your family, parents, Friends, and your Past to come stay with us. Or you may choose to stay, and we will find a new guardian. If you come, your mind will be erased of your past life at this house. If you stay, your mind will be erased of this moment and you will continue your life normally, now choose."

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