Ugh, Jamaa Township. The place of scammers, ugly mate beggars, adoption brats, and spoiled bratty members. I spent the time looking at people's trade lists, changing the look of my kangaroo, and going to parties. As I went into another sever, since Aldan was already boring me, there was a guy wolf saying, "INAPPROPRIATE DEN MY DEN!!!". I raised a brow. Then I laughed because it's hilarious how kids react to this. I opened up his player card, which basically was the typical AJ "gross jammer", but his username almost made me fall of my chair, laughing. His username was, 'whatabigbutyouhave".

I clicked the den icon, and of course, the words were inappropriate. There were two Arctic Wolves, a Hyena, a Spring Bunny, three regular wolves, and two Kangaroos, including me. The owner of the den arrived, and it was a scene from an End of the World movie. "EWW!" An Arctic Wolf, dressed in a designer skirt, spring flower crown, and a pink spiked collar(DUH). "DIS IS A KIDS GAME!" the Hyena, which had on a pink mech helmet with matching mech angel wings, and a beaded necklace in pink. "Kids, kids, that's an old man," I typed, laughing. whatabigbutyouhave wasn't insulted by that, and he just said, "kay." I decided to troll with this guy. "ready for it" whatabigbutyouhave typed to me. I simply replied, "Does it look like I am? No. Please, get a hobby and get off the internet :)" The rest of the people in there did the laughing icons. whatabigbutyouhave typed, "shatter up"

"Nah, I don't want to shatter my computer screen. Denying your offer bro."

"whatever bat look at my big pen"

"Really? Where is it?"


"Yeah, I just went to the beach for summer."

"u lil ship"

"Um, ships are bigger then boats,"

That was the last straw for whatabigbutyouhave, and he started ignoring me and jumping on random people. Everyone was screaming, and other "gross jammers" begin going into the den and jumping on random people too. I typed in, "OH MY GOD CAN YOU NOT LIKE DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING ELSE TO DO ASIDE FROM MAKING PEOPLE ANNOYED?! FIND A HOBBY FOR ONCE UGH!" Everyone else agreed, and started leaving, and I did too.

Remember kids, the moral lesson is people who do gross things on AJ are immature, old men, and are on drugs.

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