Once, the AJ Wiki was prosperous and happy. But times changed, and they banded together for one last quest... one last attempt... to save their wiki. It all hinged on the power source at the very heart, where no one but Sageleaf had ever entered. Read on, treasured reader, to find out the fate of the AJ Wiki, once and for all.

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Sageleaf stepped out of the gargantuan chamber, larger than a stadium, with its massive glowing lights lining the central pillar. Behind that door, the ultimate power source churned, fueling the newly built wiki. Its lights glowed the bright blue of newly generated code, and Sageleaf hoped with all her heart that was how they would stay for eternity. For if those lights ever glowed red, the wiki would be doomed. An explosion that would destroy all the countryside for miles around would erupt, killing everyone within a hundred leagues. That had never happened in the history of Wikia - never. No one knew what would cause it to happen, but with the innate knowledge of all creators, Sageleaf knew what would happen.

The wiki must never reach that stage. Never. I will not permit it. Sageleaf's racing thoughts were filled with love for her newly born wiki.

With great effort, Sageleaf waved her hand and generated guards. An impassable wall, an unbeatable enemy, an outthinkable  intelligence. All of them would be the tests.

Chapter 1

Typing on his laptop in the bureaucrat room, Gray turned around at an infinitesimal change in the environment around him. He was keen enough to detect that.

He whirled around, only to notice a small, brown-bound notebook on the desk opposite him.

Unwary, knowing that few things in this world could stand up to him, Gray opened the diary and read.

Dear Bureaucrat of the Animal Jam Wiki,

I have no wish for you to read this. This diary would not have shown itself to you had your wiki not be in ruins.

You see, there is one thing that keeps a wiki running: its reactor. It runs on a power source unknown, and is the key to keeping a wiki alive. It reflects the state of its users. It should be a light blue, like fresh code. But if the wiki fails, then it will change. From green... to yellow... to orange... to the deepest red of evil. Once it reaches red, it will destroy everything within a hundred leagues. Nothing will survive.

I know this, as I am a creator. It is bred into my brain. But it has never happened.

Bureaucrat, do not let it happen. You will need three loyal companions: a great thinker, a great fighter, and one who can do the impossible. Your wiki's safety hinges on this.

Gray dashed downstairs, holding the manuscript in his palm. He thrust it in the faces of Chief and Uni, the other bureaucrats. "Read it! Read it quick!" he exclaimed.

Slowly, the wiki gathered around. Uni ended up reading the manuscript out loud.

Silence gave way to calls of "I'm smart!" "I can fight really well!" Gray raised his hands for silence, and when that didn't work, cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted out, "EVERYONE, BE QUIET!"

Amplified by the powerful, dextrous hands, his deep voice echoed out around the room, instantly silencing everyone.

"We'll all decide. All of us. This is our wiki we're talking about, and it's our decision."

Two hours later, the polls were set up. Wikians began casting their votes on the automatic machines, typing in the names of all users they wanted to go. Gray was a given: he had gotten the message. Almost everyone voted for him.

At the break of dawn, Gray, Chief and Uni sifted through the votes. Chief stood up and announced, in a mildly annoyed voice, the members who would go on.

"Agent Spy, Asmodeous Paradoxicus Z, and SilverHexxitFights, please come forward."

Chapter 2

The three walked cautiously forward, shortening their steps as if none wanted to be the first to the podium.

Asmo wore an expression of pure excitement, eyes flashing wildly. Silver looked more nervous, gripping his battleaxe handle until his fingers turned white. Spy looked calm and collected as always, his bowler hat pulled down over his head.

Chief stepped down. "Are you all ready and willing to go on this quest?"

All three nodded. "Get ready, then."

In his room, Spy packed his traveling bag. In went a variety of things, including weapons. He was interrupted by the door swinging open.

Chief walked in. She bent down to him and whispered, "I don't like you. I don't trust you. And if I had my way I would remove you from this wiki altogether. But I won't, 'cause they voted."

She walked out, leaving a hurt Spy with a shirt half-folded.

Silver was walking around his room, examining weapons on the shelves. He had quite a collection, all brought from his native land of Hexxit. He was a master of all melee weapons, ready to use them and adept. Though he despised some of them (scythes and glaives were evil to the core) some were his favorite. The gargantuan Minotaur Axe, for example, on the "extremely powerful" shelf. That one would be worth bringing. Or the Diamond Giant Sword, fully enchanted, on the same shelf.

In the end, Silver selected a basic array of weapons for everyone. Gray got a standard, lightweight Livingmetal Shield and an Essence Keeper full of souls for its special block, which could protect the user from anything but the attack of one of the legendary Harbingers. Silver didn't like carrying souls around, but he had received them in a traded deal as a bonus, and so kept them for this purpose.

In addition, Gray was given a suit of Thief Armor and an Electric Staff. This would make him incredibly fast and mobile, something that Gray liked.

Knowing Asmo's vicious style, she got a fairly light suit of armor made out of Soulweave. Similar to Livingmetal, this lightweight and flexible cloth could protect the wearer from many things. A Glaive, perfect for bloodletting, was her weapon.

Spy would be no good at handling most weapons, Silver knew. He selected a lightweight wooden shield for blocking, as well as some Naga Scale Armor, light and supple, to protect him from medium-power blows.

As for Silver? He just grabbed most of the weapons off the "extremely powerful" shelf. Knowing what they were up against, he donned a suit of Turtle Armor. This legendary armor was almost impenetrable and the scales it was made of would heal the player quickly, making them almost impossible to take down. He was one of the only people ever to possess it: the beast to which the scales belonged was incredibly mighty, healed at a great rate by its covering of scales. Silver was one of the only people to defeat it.

He owned two full sets of Turtle Armor and one chestplate of it. If possible, he would give it to the others, but knew Spy and Asmo would barely be able to lift it. Gray, while strong enough, would not at all like it restricting his mobility.

With a sigh, Silver trudged around the wiki, distributing the weapons to the quest members.

Chapter 3

On their way to Community Central to learn where the reactor was in the wiki, the four travelers stopped for a rickety bridge running over the wiki's outer river.

Asmo immediately crossed. The bridge, however, crumbled beneath her feet, and her form flickered as she teleported to the next plank. When that collapsed, she teleported to the end of the bridge, sending a black wind swirling over the compatriots.

Silver shivered. "Don't do that, okay? It radiates evil."

Asmo looked displeased with this, but reluctantly nodded. They were still faced with the problem of the rickety bridge.

While Gray and Silver attempted to fix the bridge with weapons, Spy stood back and thought.

After several minutes, during which Gray nearly plunged into the river to his death, he stood up.

"I know," he announced. "Silver, how hard can you swing that battleaxe?"

Two minutes later found Spy clinging to Gray's ankles. Gray was clinging to the non-sharp edges of Silver's battleaxe.

Silver spun around, and around, and around, five full times before Gray let go. He timed it perfectly so he and Spy landed on the opposite bank.

Silver was now stuck on the other side of the canyon.

"No matter," he grunted. "I'll climb."

Silver leapt over the edge, landing hard on the opposite cliff face. Spy let in a breath and Caspiea furrowed her brow.

Grunting with pain, Silver began to climb. The rough rock cut into his gloved hands, but he kept climbing. Armor clanking and grinding, he finally reached the top.

Nonchalantly, he scratched his back. "See? Nothing to it."

Chapter 4

Community Central was not far from the Animal Jam Wiki. In fact, it was only four days' travel - remarkably little against the sprawling landscape of Wikia - before the travelers could see its glowing spires.

"Be careful," Gray, a veteran of this journey, warned. "There's a challenge to prevent trolls from entering."

No sooner had he spoken than a massive crystal statue rose at the gates.

It spoke in a booming voice, accompanied by cracking from its jaw.

"Who are you?" it boomed.

"Gray, Silver, Spy and Asmo of the Animal Jam Wiki," answered Gray.

"What is your purpose?" came the second question.

"To gain information about our wiki's functions," Gray replied firmly.

The statue leaned down. "New visitors to Central?"

Gray stiffened. "Infrequent, but established."

The statue straightened up and sank back into the earth. The company advanced forward.

Passing beneath the arch of Community Central's gate was a dream. The whole city sparkled with light from the gemstones embedded in the rock used to build it. It was almost blinding to look at.

At the center of a gleaming quartz plaza, a massive spire loomed, protruding nearly into the clouds.

"That," Gray breathed, "is Wikia's headquarters."

Silver and Asmo had never gone this deep into Community Central before, and stood with their mouths open. Spy, a veteran of Wikia, looked mildly amused and whispered, "Don't look too much, you'll get a crick in your neck," to Silver, who jumped and then rolled his neck around.

"I'll register our appointment," Gray said.


"It's urgent!" the exasperated Gray explained to a tired receptionist hours later. The line had been horrendous.

The receptionist asked, "What's the problem?" in a bored, nearly monotone voice.

Gray leaned in close and whispered, "Our wiki's reactor."

The receptionist lurched backwards from the warrior, hands over her heart. Her eyelids fluttered madly for a few seconds, and then stopped. "You'll want a talk with Jimmy then."

Chapter 5

Jimmy Wales leaned forward, his hands clasped over his quartz desk. "So your wiki's reactor is breaking?" he asked.

"Yes," Gray responded tensely.

"In that case," Jimmy announced, leaning back, "we'll have to shut it down, as well as capturing and killing you."

"Excuse me?" Gray asked, amidst protest from Spy and Silver. Asmo remained stonily silent.

"You heard me," Jimmy said tersely. "We'll have to kill you and shut down your wiki. We can't have this harming our users. It will be much easier if you just cooperate." He pulled a ray pistol out from under his desk.

Gray pushed his friends out of the way, then ran for the door.

Pursued by forces and Jimmy's angry yell, the group thundered down the stairs. As they reached the main area of the lobby (which took a lot of running), Silver grabbed Spy by the scruff of his neck and leapt off the balcony. Gray and Asmo followed suit.

Landing with a force that cracked the pavement, the bulky warrior (still carting an indignant Spy), shadowy renegade and quick fighter dashed out the main gates of Community Central. Angry guards followed in their wake.

Once they were several miles away from the gleaming capital of Wikia, Silver set down Spy and panted harshly, nearly falling over. Gray and Caspiea stopped, Gray skidding to a halt and throwing dust everywhere.

As they regained their breath, Asmo tensed. "CodeBeam!"

Spy tightened his focus and raised his arms. A glowing sphere of blue light swirled up, circling around the four. Silver raised his axe, and Gray spun his longsword in a circle.

A beam of pure blue light struck down from quickly amassed clouds above, striking Spy's shield. Blue light struck blue light, before Silver sliced the beam in two with his axe.

CodeBeams were weapons of Wikia, used to trap and damage enemies of the organization. They were nearly undefeatable, and only remarkably coding skills or might could resist one. Spy, they knew, was one of the best of the best, and Silver's war abilities were unmatched.

Silver considered, reaching into his pack and drawing out four pairs of blue-and-gold boots. "These are whirlwind boots," he announced. "Put them on, and you'll be nearly tireless, and incredibly fast."

Spy opened his mouth to voice his self-esteem concerns, knowing he wasn't very fast, but was cut short by the warrior. "Yours are extra-strength."

Chapter 6

Half a night later, the adventurers reached the gate of the AJ Wiki. It was glowing bright red.

In the center of the city, a bright red light was gathering, making it easy to see where the reactor was overheating. The four dashed towards it, ignoring Wikia staff members as they tried to stop.

As they reached the gate of the reactor, glowing red-orange, a troop of Wikia staff caught up to them. Pointing ray pistols, they fired.

Gray and Silver moved like lightning, intercepting the bolts with their blades. "Go!" Silver shouted in desperation. "I'll hold them!"

"Silver, no!" the adventurers screamed, but Asmo grabbed their hands, flashed and flickered, and brought them past the wall that protected the reactor from all harm.

Silver grinned, facing a troop of Wikia staff. He drew a stingberry out of his pocket and began to chew. Then, swigging down a steel-gray potion, he attacked.

Battleaxe in left hand, broadsword in right, Silver charged into the troop like a tank. A red aura emanated around him. Shots pinged off his skin, under effect of the resistance potion. Wikia staff were scattered all over.

Inside the chamber, Spy and Gray picked themselves off the floor. "Where's Asmo?" they wondered in unison.

As their mouths closed, a rumbling shook the chamber. The door hissed and steamed, and it became clear: no one, not even Caspiea, could pass the door without repercussions. She had dissolved in bringing the two adventurers past.

Wiping a tear from his eye, Spy pulled Gray to his feet. "Come on. We have to keep going."

They ran down a metal ramp into a large room. Blinking, flashing lights lit the room in a dim green glow. A massive computer screen whirred and hummed, sealing the room.

Spy stopped. "This is my job," he said, extending his arms. A blue glow lit the chamber, silhouetting the two figures against the wall behind them. The computer ground to voice, coding flickering across its face. Its own red light lit the chamber.

Spy closed his eyes and concentrated. "I won't let anything damage this wiki. And by my title as coder, I will not let this computer stop us. Go, Gray, go."

He pushed with his mind as hard as possible, and the doors swung open at the far end of the chamber. Spy collapsed, and the computer started leaking steam. Gray dashed through, all of his speed carrying him over the ground.

Chapter 7

Gray was facing the end of his wiki. The reactor was humming loudly and pulsing with bright red light, stretching up into the gloom as far as he could see.

There were red screens all over it, running code so fast he could barely read.


Ship ship ship!



10/10 best idea ever

Klint is here.

May I join?

Gray stopped looking.

A voice overrode the hum, telling him:

You must choose the fate of your wiki. If you flick the blue switch - a virtual, bright blue lever flipped on one of the computer screens to his right - your wiki will not die. But you will have to do incredible work, with great passion, to restore it to its full glory.

If you choose the red switch on the left, the voice continued, we will shut down your wiki. You will be free to live your life, and Wikia will stop hunting you. It would be very brave of you.

It is your choice, it thrummed, and went quiet.

Gray closed his eyes, trying to face an insurmountable choice.

Suddenly, he... heard something. The voices of everyone.

Silver swung his battleaxe at a Wikia staff member outside. He paused, body riddled with a thousand cuts. "We trust you, Gray."

Uni, pausing in her room, said quietly, "Do watcha want, whatcha really really want."

Chief, outside gazing at the red beam rising into the sky, murmured, "Save the wiki, Gray. It's what we need."

Roadhawk, rising into the sky with a troop to help Silver in his fruitless, one-against-army battle, paused in flight and screamed, "FOR THE WIKI!"

Jeff's face floated into Gray's vision, murmuring "Potatoes, Gray. There's always a Promised Land. Take that road."

Flaming grinned in his vision. "Don't just stand there, protect your friends!"

Basil's tear-stained face appeared. "Save this wiki, Gray."

All across Wikia, users were watching as the beam of red rose higher into the sky.

Kalbintion, guarding the gates of the fortified Hexxit Wiki, muttered, "Gray's choice."

At the Terraria Wiki, Swag paused in building up its walls to say, "I won't intrude on this one. Gray is the one to trust."

All around, users were praying for Gray to make the right choice.

And he made a choice, all right.

He reached out his hand toward a lever... and pulled it.

Chapter 8

As Gray stepped backwards from the blue lever he had just pulled, the reactor rumbled. His face assumed a worried expression.

The lights along the reactor started changing color, rising up and up like a multicolored ladder. First orange... then yellow... then green... then the miraculous, greenish-blue of fresh coding. The wiki was back.

Gray shimmered, then disappeared. He reappeared in the main plaza of the wiki, which was repaired, for the most part.

Silver's body was lying on the cobblestones a few feet away. Behind his friend's body, Gray could see a phalanx of Wikia members advancing, Jimmy Wales at the front.

"Stand down or die."

Gray looked at him for a moment.

He remembered Spy, who had sacrificed himself for the wiki he wanted nothing but good for.

Silver, who had bought him extra moments and was lying dead in front of him.

Caspiea, who had shown her true caring for the wiki.

And he stepped forward. "I would die for the wiki... but I can do more for it if I escape, to help again another day."

He took off running.

Dying on the ground, Silver could see a blur, dressed in armor, with his longsword swinging to clear a path. Gray was running, running faster than he ever had before, and was on the run. He cleared the moat in one long jump, and kept on running, shooting up a dust trail in the distance, until even that disappeared. Gray was gone.

"Meltdown" will be continued in another story. Thanks for reading, everybody! I'm glad you liked it. Comment below with your opinion!

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