"Members only, members only!" LittleDancingstar was tired of hearing that. She was a non member and people treated her badly. She always got kicked out of fashion shows, parties and clans because she was a non member. People didn't want to be her friend because she was a non member, didn't want to play or do an adventure with her either. Because of that, of course she got angry. She only had 34 buddies and they were all non member. "It's not fair!" Little would complain to her mom. "Everyone else gets a membership and I don't!" And she was right, almost everyone else had a membership. Her friends from school, famous jammers, and other people. One day she decided that she would hack Animal Jam for a membership. After hours of coding, she finally hacked into the files. She gave herself a 12 month membership, and took all the member's membership away. So she was the only member. Then one day, she logged on to play on AJ, and you know the banned sign? That popped up on Little's screen. It said, "You will pay for this." Then, a silhoette walked into the house followed by a couple of zombies. They walked into the house and into Little's room. She was so scared. The zombies got her, as well as the silhoette. "You payed your price of membership, Serena." The silhoette said. "Ahh!" How do you know myy..." That was all Serena could say before she was posessed. Now she as known as FreeMembership. Don't look her up though, just don't. The end.

Hope you enjoyed!