It was a perfectly normal day. Nyan Cat stretched his paws out, yawning. Doge rolled off the couch and barked rapidly, jolting Nyan Cat further awake. "What is it, Doge?" he asked groggily. Pawing him a letter, Doge barked excitedly, "Meme festival. Much heard. Today!" Nyan immediately smiled, patting Doge on the head and mounting him on. The Meme Festival was an important event for all memes to enjoy - technically, it was a large gathering for memes with treats and carnival games! Flying off out the door, they landed at the Meme Festival, and every meme imaginable was there; Insanity Wolf was mauling Bad Luck Brian with Troll Face onlooking the battle, Forever Alone was trying to win over Overly Attatched Girlfriend, Y U No was having an argument with Rage Face - the typical meme stuff. What caught the pair's eyes was that there was a flying show this year, and any meme which can fly could enter. Racing over to the que, Nyan Cat was the first one to enter, followed closely by Tac Nayn, and lastly Nayn Cat - the supposed 'daughter' of Nyan Cat and Tac Nayn. Doge ran off to enjoy the ferris wheel and rides and Nyan ran off to enjoy the snacks the festival could ever offer!

Later on, a voice through a speaker crackled, "Flying show right now! Contestants, arrive at the center stage!" Rushing over to the center stage with Doge clinging to him, Nyan sat right down on the stage, glowing with joy. Tac Nayn reluctantly sat beside his nemesis with a growl, but Nayn Cat? That girl was nowhere to be seen! However, a mysterious shadow-like creature approached to take her place, but it didn't look like a Nyan or had visible wings. Doge noticed this mysterious stranger didn't have a clear form, but couldn't make out if it was humanoid or not due to Tac Nayn blocking his view, so he appropriately managed his way onto Nyan Cat's back. Doge still couldn't make out the creature's form even from here, so he shrugged it off.

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