The Animal jam Headquarters opened up a Mental home for people who needed help. It was a locked room in Kimbara's Hospital and was strongly secured so nobody could escape the iron door. Blooming Shybunny worked there as a new nurse, working with the easier patients who didn't talk or had schizophrenia. She worked with a lot of jammers but her favorite was Leaping Gassybelly. Leaping just nodded, so she talked to him, she later sent a email to ajhq asking them to take Leaping out. " Leaping is a mute that only nods, he doesn't deserve to be in there " Ajhq strongly disagreed but Blooming kept arguing until ajhq admitted defeat and Leaping was let out. She jagged him her user, and unlocked her den for him. She went to bed in her den with a satisfied smile but was rudely awoken by the realistic screams coming from her sky kingdom. Running down with her cursor she saw her Animal jam family lying dead with a realistic puddle of blood to their heads. She saw a shadow and turned behind. Leaping was there with a hatchet. " A, A,r ,Are y, you He,here t,to kil,kill, m , me?? " She asked trembling. Leaping just nodded.