I didn't notice the Giant Mouse effect was passed on to my cats.

Not until it was too late.

I always walked my pet cats around, and I always clicked on them.

I noticed that they always ate a mouse instead of grooming themselves... how odd...

But last week as I clicked on one of my cats, he suddenly grew to the size of my animal.

I started to panic.

But how? All it did was eat a mouse... three times a day...

My pet cat looked around and ran off into Sarepia Forest, where I was that day.

Today is Monday, and I still haven't spotted my pet cat. But while I was roleplaying I noticed

two big, yellow eyes glowing in the bushes.

I saw a flash of ginger fur, and I was knocked out.

All I know is that a giant cat-like creature is terrorizing Jamaa at this moment, and the creature is hiding in bushes and trees waiting to strike, waiting to swallow up a jammer and get bigger.

Right now I'm in the creature's stomach, and I'm sending you this one last message.

Don't ever play Ssssnake! again. I mean it.

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