--Credit goes to the author of Sir Gilbert's Creation! You have inspired me to make one about Mira!--

Millions of years ago, before Jamaa was home to several animal's, there was just space. The stars shone bright like diamonds. The beautiful galaxy was ever so silent. It was a beautiful mystery all together.

One day, thousands of years later, the brightest of blue, most beautiful shining stars collided. They formed a large, bright blue bird. These stars shot off towards a planet without life. These stars were going lightning fast, heading closer and closer to what would soon be known as Jamaa.

Finally, Mira collided with the planet. Her magic spread everywhere. Gorgeous green grass rapidly grew to the perfect size, with her sparkling blue magic surrounding it. Tall, strong trees sprouted from the ground. Flowers of all types grew. Lakes and oceans, with glistening, cold water formed. Caves to protect animals from danger grew. Bugs and fish of every type came into existence.

When Mira's job was finished, she turned the sky blue. Some say the blue sky IS Mira, protecting the animals from incoming danger from space. From the sky, she watches her children happily move along with their day. She ensures the safety of each animal. Wolves, rabbits, pandas, tigers, eagles, deer, every animal she created shared her equal love.

This is the story of the Sky Bird, Mother of all Animals, Mira. May her beauty open the eyes of every Jammer.

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