"Grooooh!" a voice roared. The hyenas ran for their lives, away from the treacherous phantoms. "I can't believe he let himself get corrupted by Mira's tears!" a hyena shouted. The voice came crept to the hyena, and finished it off with a killer bite. The hyena village was literally a war zone. Hyenas scattered everywhere, phantoms corrupting heart stones, and worse of all, a hyena behind this.

The voice kicked the corpse across the field, revealing himself. The hyena was completely black, with lighter spots. His eyes was a dead, cold white, complete with two large red horns, claws, wings, and white chest hair. As soon he let out another roar, he grew bigger, until he was the size of a gargantuan dragon. "Come, my Phantoms!" He roared.

"Not so fast!" A voice shouted. The hyena looked to the side of a cliff, where it rested the six alphas. Mira flew all the way to where the hyena was, glaring at it.

This is currently in a huge WIP. I'll finish it around this week! - Dragonfire13753

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