chapter 1


...wut did i just create

I'm sitting here

Burning, my heart burned, fur stained, not the old, perfect white coat I once proudly wore.

No more the red, gloomy eyes,

they were replaced by black holes, angered, insane

I helped the ones who were to be hurt

I made sure to PUNISH the ones who did WRONG

What if my way was a bit insane, ya, I stuck Jammers into animal jam,

But they were EVIL

They hurt as much as the memories

The FREAKING memories HAUNTING me 'till this DAY


So, I tried to show them what’s RIGHT

Who cares if they died, geez, I didn't care

As long as they got PUNISHED for their idiotic behavior

Ha, now I’m trying to make myself sound better than reality

Heck no

I'm WORSE if they'd meet me

I waved my hand in the air, and caught a gust of wind with it, turning the wind into black, disgusting, dust. ...It was what I was made of

No heart some would say,

Well if I have no freaking heart, what is the painful, ever so painful thumping in my chest?


But who cares, after all, I almost killed-no I did kill a few people, too bad nobody noticed.

Heh, isn't that already enough proof the real world is worse?

Nobody noticed the filthy leach’s absence, but who cares.


not even my friends

these "friends" were not who they seemed to be

instead they scammed, hacked

and tormented me

and now

just now

They can finally see, their fatal mistake, their catastrophe, that led to this, this horror that lies, in this new world,

Where every hacker DIES.

...even within this trap, I'll continue my work.

chapter 2

I sat down on my chair and grabbed my laptop, typing in 'animal jam'. The home screen popped up, and I logged on. Before doing so, something hit me. Wasn't...there always a bunny on the home screen, saying 'welcome' or something else? Eh, I’m getting to old for these kid’s games... after all, I was on this game like, a year ago? I don't even remember.

As I logged in, the loading screen popped up, showing a picture of Liza telling a white bunny to 'be nice'. Typical 'don't bully stuff showed in the corner of the loading screen as I waited. After it loaded, I ended up in coral canyons. There where 'be nice' and 'don't be mean' flags everywhere, few with a sad bunny, others with the alphas. I went to message my friend, who I couldn't reach with any media so far. ________________________________________________________

Hey Emma, how are you? Haven't seen you in forever! Did you break a leg or something? You haven't really missed anything in school, it's boring as always. How’s it going? You want to chat later? See ya ('s been about a year since I’ve seen you, care to explain yourself, young lady? XD) ________________________________________________________

I sighed and hit send. My life is so boring...

Well let’s get entertained then.

I clicked my 'glitch program', that basically made me look... well... glitch-y. It scared people of, and it was funny to watch. As I clicked the 'summon glitch' button, a new message popped up. Expecting a message with a warning about a virus, got a circular message blocking the page. In the corner was a white animal jam bunny with dead, black eyes, a peaceful smile on its face. In a speech bubble you could see the words; "Why don't we change perspective? I'll be the one scaring you now :)

I thought this might just be hacked in. The message said; “Hello, we do not like how you are acting. Remember, everything might crumble if you choose to go... the wrong way"

Once I read it, as if it knew I just finished the last word, a Mira-like bird nocked at my window. I looked its way, gasping. It had one of its wings stripped to its body with a rope, the other scratched and all in... some red liquid. (...I secretly hoped for it to just be some tomato sauce) It was holding on to my windowsill with one leg, the other knocking on my window. I jumped out of the chair, my heart thumping faster.

To say I was terrified would be an understatement.

The bird just grinned at me, the smile plastered on its face was yet to haunt me in my sleep. I was paralyzed with fear, as I saw something glow in between its talons. It aimed it at me, and a second latter I was hit with some kind of blast or wave, throwing me againced the wall. This was physically impossible, how is this happening? This wasn't any secret dimension, but EARTH- why is this happening, what IS happening oh god I don't know what is happening, my heart hurts, my head is about to blow up, everything... I'm... tired...

...and now...

there is blackness

chapter 3

My eyes slowly fluttered open. Yawning, I looked around.

I wasn't in my room

I quickly sat up, noticing that I was on a bed of grass and hey. I was in something like a dorm room, the walls where grey, the floor was the same color and the items where made of sticks, hey, grass and so on. But what scared me the most, was the mirror in the opposite corner of the room. It showed a yellow-black arctic fox, wearing a pair of ornament earrings, and some kind of hat. I stared at it, and it did the same back. I slowly moved my hand, reaching to take the covers of my bed (made of amazingly comfortable hey) and it copied me. I stopped moving, and realized that from the corner of my eye, my hand seamed... different. I slowly looked at it, and saw that it was a black paw. I gasped and jumped of the bed, too scared to do anything. I slowly looked to the back of me, and there I saw it.

I had a black and yellow tail, rapped by a black-ish string. Then it hit me. I was my artic fox.

chapter 4

(???'s POV) I was sitting in water, I couldn't feel anything I was standing on, yet I was standing.

I looked around, but all I saw was water, and I couldn't see farther than a few feet. A simple buzz filled the air, but it didn't seem like my ears where ringing nor did it sound like a swarm of bees.

"Little, do you hear the sounds?" a voice echoed, as my ears shot up in fear. I turned around to see a mirror. As I stared at the reflection, I could see my bunny ears on my head, unlike in my other dreams- I rather not talk about that... this time in the mirror I saw a paw mark, a blood mark looking like a paw placed on my face. It looked as if someone put a bloody paw, with terrifying long claws up to my face.

I grabbed a pawful of water, splashing it on my face, desperately trying to rub off the mark. ‘’But nothing worked.’’

Instead, the water seamed to stick to my fur. They more water I drenched my face with, the more everything burned. It felt as if the liquid was pulling, tugging, slicing at my flesh.

" know the quiet ringing you hear sometimes, rabbit? Some jammers just don't hear what’s hidden..." it says, but I couldn't make out what emotion it was in. It felt like my face was about to peel off now, everything stung.

"You actually are stronger than others, Little Cutepaw, you are, because you hear the voices hidden behind the ringing" it shouts this time, as I ran, only to come face-to-face with a wall. Okay more like Face-to-wall with it.

"...when you hear us... we get interested" it said, this time I could hear the grin in its sentence, and even thought I saw nothing, I could feel eyes burning into me, making sure they don't lose sight.

"LITTLE" the voice screamed, as I felt my paw being pulled on. I screamed letting out some tears of whatever was left in me.

"No... please... I-I-I... I didn't mean it! Please!" I wailed, as the voice screamed out my name again.

"...I’m sorry... I’m sorry..." I muttered.

"Little!" it said, this time I could hear a clear Irish accent in it, but I didn't stop crying, my paw being pulled on again.

"Little!" it said, concerned. I slowly opened my eyes, to see my roommate seated next to me on my bed, holding my paw.

"SNOWFLAKE THEY WANT TO KILL ME" I scream out, throwing myself at her. The other bunny stood there for a few moments recovering from being literally pounced on, and afterwards pulling me into a hug.

"Shh... Little...'s fine... 'll be kay" she repeated, as I dug my head into her shoulder. Although we were bunnies and where the same breed, she still was pretty taller than me. She slowly picked me up and put me on her bed, slowly sliding me under the covers.

"Snowflake... they...I... the ringing in my ears... they don't like it that I know... they don't like that I hear 'em... I-" I was cut of my roommate jumping onto the bed, laptop next to her, and grabbed my paw.

"Relax bunny, 's gonna be fine. 's better get 'em sleep 'n watch some movies" she said, making herself comfortable next to me, as I shuffled under my covers, pulling them up to my chin. She laughed quietly, and afterwards inserted the new 'Hairy Pollen' movie (...something like Harry Potter but... jammafied) and clicked play.

I tried to concentrate, but their words just repeated over and over in my head.

‘’"...when you hear us... we get interested" ‘’I yelped and pulled the covers over my head as I heard my roommate sigh. I suddenly felt something tickle me. roommate seams eviler then anything right now

I burst out laughing, as I felt her paws tickle my feet.

...she wasn't my roommate

...she was literally a second sister

(Snowflake's POV) I decided to tickle the small gloomy lump who seemed to have taken over my whole bed in the last 5 minutes. She squirmed and laughed, trying to pull away from my grip. I just chuckled, but then heard a scream. I stopped as she settled down, both of our ears up. I quickly zoomed to the door, as I heard Little's voice call for me.

"'s be gone for a sec, 's need 'ta see what's happenin" I called, bouncing towards the door where the scream came from. I understood the problem my roommate has, she’s been haunted by these dreams ever since she got here, which was about a week ago. I was here from... well... a bit before the 'heroes' got that killer-bunny into the volcano. This, screaming in the night, was not acceptable.

...not even Little screamed that loud, these where sound proof walls for Zios's sake! this person might as well not have a voice no more!

I barged into the room, which was one of the top-class ones; only that it didn't have a 'room flag on it' (we have 15 'rooms', basically we're grouped by how we act/what we're good at, what we can do/can't do etc.) the room was grey, everything looked grey compared to our room. It probably was a newbie, 'cuz of the lack of colors and the old-school furniture.

"...'t 'ar ye screamen 'bout? 's 3 am..." I growled, looked at the artic fox sitting on a bed, terrified. It looked at me and jumped, screaming again.

"CALM DOWN, 'LL YA IDIOT?!" I screamed, as I saw tears flow down its face.

.... great, must have just woken up.

"Whoever is in the room, leave, she need to be calmed!" screamed someone-probably a teacher from the hall.

"I can see that..." I muttered, glaring at the scared fox, and walking out.

...the only people I tolerate are Little, Myth, and Gwen.

And that probably won't change...

chapter 5

(back to main-persons POV, her names Blossom, so....

Blossom's POV)

I heard whispering voices around me, as if to not wake or bother something. I slowly squinted, a bright flash of light burning into my eyes. I moved my hand to cover the light, as I heard someone say something a bit louder, but I wasn't in the best situation to know what they have said. My head hurt badly, and my body ached. add more to that, I didn't feel like I had anything on...

"Honey, look at me, are you okay?" I heard a voice mumble as I felt someone pulling something of my...


my what?

Once my vision adjusted I noticed that I was in a bed, surrounded by colorful animals. Part of me wanted to scream, the other to just faint again.

Then the memories came back.

...oh ya, 's what happened then...

"...why am I here?" I asked, my voice cracking in the middle of the sentence. A koala rushed into the room, handing a few pills to a fox.

"Shh, hush, spare your voice. We're amazed you still have it, you almost broke it yesterday..." It muttered, putting the pills into a cup of water, which made them turn into a powder that made the liquid bright-blood red.

"Now, take this, the pain in your head should stop, since there’s an overload of any types of scammers, hackers, or even unintentional bulling, we have more and more jammers to come, 172 to be exact, so it begins to hurt the newbies, since the souls take up much data, making the anti-pain files load slower. I'll give you the anti-virus pill to speed up the file data..." the fox said, handing me the cup. I slowly brought it up to my snout, and sipped the water. It tasted of nothing, only the feeling of liquid slide into my body.

I handed the cup back to the fox, as it smiled at me, and put the cup down.

"Crashing, Awesome, fetch me voice-hack, the voice files must have been injured" she said, and shooing the rest out.

"...voice-hack? Where am I?" I asked, looking around again, noticing it looked almost the same as the last one, only that it was a yellowish-whitish color.

"You’re in a game called animal jam, honey. Remember, don't even try writing for your child on a virtual game... you'll make a typo and here you'll be, accused for unintentional bullying" said the fox, handing me some clear water this time. I gladly took it and sipped it.

"But how... how am I drinking this? How do I feel stuff now?" I questioned, feeling uneasy.

"You see, the data base of this part of Animal jam created by someone, someone you'll get to learn about later, has millions of different universes. For example, in this universe I decide to be a nurse due to my 'room name', which is basically a label the 'someone' gives you, a label you have to brush of by learning about what you've done wrong and correct whatever you've done. In another universe, I might have had another room, different from this, became a warrior or soldier, and I wouldn't be explaining these things."

"The main data-base just saves the universes we pick, destroying and removing all other possible universes, making room for the next souls and so on."

"And about the whole drinking and feeling, it's just that 'someone' has made this such well done, that we can feel and eat anything. Problem is we usually feel pain, but still." she told me, as two bunnies ran into the room, with three small packets of pills. The fox took all three and through it into another glass handing it to me. I gulped it down, this time it tastes sour and... like pancakes...?

...I definitely need a doctor when I wake up from this...

chapter 6

(Blossom's POV)

I slowly opened my eyes, once again, memories of my dream flooding back.

...dreaming about being sucked into a game. Some people would make a fun story about it, but if it would have been as horrible as in my nightmare they wouldn't dare speak about it. I slowly yawned and pulled my legs out in front of me, my eyes still closed. Pain shot through my head, and I quickly grabbed, it, yelping.

"Rosy, she's awake! Bring her some ice and water!" I heard the same voice from my dream- nightmare say. My eyes shot open, and I saw the same room as in my dream, the same fox still sitting opposite from me on the same bed. She smiled at me, as I stared back blankly, processing that my mind is really inside a pixeled game.

"Shhh honey, it's fine. You’re really pale... but that's normal. Oh, thank you Rosy. Now drink this honey" said the fox handing me a cup of water a koala handed her after running in. I gulped the water down, hopping there was nothing in it that would hurt me. This time instead of the tasteless feeling in my mouth, I felt real water sliding down my throat.

"Now sweetie, we'll be leaving you here for a while, so I’ll tell you how our system works. There are 20 'rooms', or 'groups' we are divided into. Originally, we meet up and talk about ourselves, then being revealed the room. But, due to the overload of problems and sicknesses, we'll have to just arrange the group right away. The twenty 'rooms' are:

Ariol- where the ones who regret their actions right after they committed them, and the ones who didn't have problems at home nor problems with friends/family. These jammers are usually bubbly and talkative, and help around at the training grounds or 'adventure trainings'. They have high hiding power, and can blend in well with anything-practically as if they had camouflage power.

the second one is the Belian 'room', basically the ones who were forced into doing whatever lead them here. They are usually quiet and scared of most things, yet come pretty powerful, due to the fact of more 'lives' while in the adventure fights, and also most of the ones who passed these exams have a 'phantom scan', meaning they can sense a phantom in the closest km. Something like a sixth sense.

the next ones are from the Earwings room, where they all truly meant what they had done and for quite some time don't agree with it being wrong. Of course, eventually they give in, but still. They are usually quiet, cold and moody, or happy and sarcastic, unless you mention the reason they are here-then you gotta be ready for full-on rage mode. They can be guided by wind, so they can jump over plenty of high objects, or can move more swiftly then the others.

Well I can go on and on, but there’s the group you’re in, the Willberries. This means you didn't want to cause harm to the players accounts- but you would mentally, because they'd freak out. You didn't know the cost of what you've done, so you'll be in the Willberries group, so you'll be able to heal other when out on adventure. Also-" the fox stopped talking and looked at its watch.

"Dang I'm late! Stay and don't leave this room, please! I'll send someone over to help you later Honey!" she said rushing out the door

chapter 7

(Infinity's POV)

I slowly walked into my 'group room'- I was part of the Taggers, who were all here because of... reasons.

I for example... was hacked. A lot. And so, I wanted to gain revenge. I started hacking, so... one day I just... Well I saw a 'Mira bird' in my yard. Scared, I ran down to the basement, but that didn't help. I ended up here- apparently there was an 'error' when I came, so I felt quite a lot of pain during my first week here. Before I came here, I also suffered quiet a lot, my grandparents died, and that just made my anger a bit... larger, and make it want to grip for revenge.

The tagger group/room was mostly made of those who wanted revenge, or felt like they had to do it, which was pretty close to my case.

My hooves slowly echoed through the halls as I walked up to the room labeled 'Taggers & earwigs training'. As I walked in, I could see a few of the Earwings talking up againced a wall, four of the Earwings beating their scores on the track, while my group was chatting and laughing while making some coffee. Our 'training' rooms where kind of like out little 'dorm rooms', only that we share them with the other team.

"Snowflake, catch!" screamed a white bunny from the earwings, throwing something that was to represent a boomseed to the other bunny on the track, which caught it and raced towards a black statue, representing a phantom. The bunny launched itself at it, the 'boomseed' in front of it. As the boomseed hit the 'phantom', a number '72' popped up on the points counter. Amazingly, by their amount of points I predicted they were here earlier then my team.

"Hey Infinity, come over here! Your coffee is here! We found some cream for you, so go on, drink it before it's cold!" shouted one of my team members from across the room. I smiled at them, and trotted over, grabbing my cup. I am a blue llama with green eyes, which as my friend says; "Your eyes are every color of green, the color of a green lake to the color of the green pretty leaves of autumn".

I sipped on it, and thought about the idea of leaving with the next group for the adventures, as I gulped down the hot liquid. I sighed as I out it down, and licked my lips.

"Kay guys, how about we try to do the attack plan again? " I asked, looking at them. They nodded and walked away from the coffee machine, moving over to the small wooden structure, which looked quite like a maze, but they wooden walls where to represent the cave walls. In this training part, we had to try to communicate without being loud enough for the small chips stuck on the walls to hear us, or else it beeps- and if I was in real life, we'd be dead because of a phantom.

"Kay guys, take the flashlight and-" started one of my teammates.

"WAIT we're doing the one without lights? Come one! Why?" groaned another, as I facepawed myself.

"Listen guys, please, we'll do one in the dark then light, kay?" I asked, as I heard half of them groan, but they all nodded. I smiled at myself and trotted to grab a 'torch'- which was basically a flashlight. We had to get to the other side of the 'maze', grab the key and exit.

I walked in, taking a turn to the left, already facing a wall. I groaned in annoyance, since I was stupid enough to for the 41st time turn the same route that hit a dead end the first 5 seconds of the training.

"...don't faceplant the wall, I don't think it needs to suffer that again" teased my cheetah teammate, who zipped past me to the left. I quickly ran the opposite way, determined to split up to find the key faster. I slowly trotted alongside the wooden walls, my flashlight fixed in front of me. All of a sudden, a figure ran out of the corner next to me, their light blinding me. I looked their way, and noticed it was Cindar, one of the jammers who have been here for more than 6 months. I gave her a lopsided smile, since I wasn't sure how to speak or interact with the colder jammers. She glanced at me, and afterwards continued down her path.

Shrugging her of, I walked forward until I heard someone whispering.

"Psst, I found the key, we can go" someone muttered from the other side of the wall. I could hear them walking, their claws hitting the floor.

"Hey, who found it?" I whispered as I heard the someone freeze. He didn’t seem to have expected me to answer. Was he talking to someone else?

" Kell." he muttered, and continued walking. I didn't hear any other footsteps, which made me question who he was speaking with. Maybe he was trying to get someone’s attention from the other side of the wall and just didn't expect anyone to hear? Well, that’s possible.

I trotted to where I last saw Cindar, since we had to get each other out as fast as we can. In the dark, I saw he figure walking around, so I quickly followed her.

"Cindar, psst, we got the key, come on" I whispered, as she stopped walking. Guessing she’ll follow after me, I turned around and walked towards where I saw, or thought the exit was. I decided to turn left, when I felt a paw on my shoulder.

"...wrong way mate. Look out or next time you'll get lost and 'll have to look all over for you for the next ten hours" muttered the wolf, walking the opposite way afterwards. I rolled my eyes and followed, and after five minutes we joined the rest outside of the maze.

Once back at the bar which was placed next to the training arena the Earwings used, I sat down and decided to make myself another round of coffee, while watching the Earwings finish up their training. The same two bunnies along with a fox where explaining a 'plan code'- apparently the danger code, where they signal each other about what dangers there are, and who does what.

"We'll be leaving now, bye suckers!" screamed Scattered, who was currently drinking her 5th cup of coffee, and jumping out the door.

"...hope some phantom grills of your limbs..." I heard one of the bunnies’ whisper before returning to whatever they were doing.

"Come on Cindar, Infinity, Criss, we gotta go take a rest!" said leaping, making her way out the door. The red wolf slowly walked out the door, not caring to look, then Criss, a black fox walked out after her, as I sat down my glass and walked out the door.

chapter 8

(blossom's POV)

I yawned as I sat up, looking around.

This wasn't my room, God where am I, what-

Oh ya. That happened.

I slowly through my legs onto the side of the bed, determined to find out a way to get up from my current position. I slowly placed one paw onto the ground, and doing the same with the next. Shaking, I placed the other two paws onto the floor. Now just crawl, I guess... Seams easy enough.

I moved my paw forward, as it slowly slid across the floor away from me. I muttered out a swear as I pulled my paw back to me, standing straight on four paws, my tail swaying happily. I quickly crawled over to the door, pulling it open.

One step out the door and I already felt my wrist being tugged on.

"OH, MAI GAWD YOUR BLOSSOM OMZ WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOREVERZ FOR YOU TO Wake!!!" screamed a purple fox, who currently was wearing a black Holiday sweater and black cap. I yelped as he pulled me out into the hall, hugging me. I was now squashed againced his chest, which made it a bit hard for me to breath.

"Awesome! Let the girl breath!" said someone behind us.

"I am ze queen of fireeeeee" screamed an owl, flying above my head, giggling and repeating the line over and over.

"That’s Shattered, the queen of fire!" whispered a red llama into my ear and laughing afterwards.

"Hey Sarah guess wut?" asked a blue wolf behind me. Already opening my mouth to say I wasn't called Sarah, I was cut off by a lynx that sneaked next to me. I suddenly jumped back, surprised by the sudden presence next to me.

"Ya? Did you find the cookies or the peaches yet?" it asked, picking up my paw afterwards. They suddenly grimaced, as if disappointed that whatever they were looking for wasn’t under my paw.

"Nothing, just wanted to say 'wut'" answered the wolf, dropping to the ground and laughing.

"COUNTESS!!! MY GOD I WILL KILL YOU" screamed a voice from behind the corner, and a pink goat throwing something that looked like grapes at an eagle was visible seconds later.

"That's Nick and Lat, I’m Lara, while the wolf on the ground is Kimbra, the lynx Is called leaping and the fox is called Awesome.... And apparently me, Nick and Lat plus you are the only 'sane' ones here..." said the llama, catching Shattered by her legs and letting the owl drop to the ground as it said that one day it'll gain the confidence to put Lara on fire, while the llama only snickered.

Good Zios what is going on.

chapter 9

(Mythical's POV)

I slightly opened my eyes, the view of stars hitting me, showing the wonderful sky covered in flickering dots. The sky was slightly purple, the moon hovering over me.

The night was actually beautiful tonight. I don’t think I’ve seen such a clear sky in so long. Every single star was visible, and I could point out every constellation.

As the stars sparkled in my eyes, I thought; where the heck did the ceiling go. 

"KEN DID YOU LOSE THE CEILING AGAIN" I screamed, waking up a wolf next to me. He groaned as he opened his eyes, looking at me with a hateful look.

"listen idiot, I don't care that we got kicked out again but you screaming about me stealing or losing the freaking roof at like-" he quickly looked up at the sky before continuing; "some random time in the night, you could have let me sleep ya know" he sighed, turning his back to me.

"...what did our team do this time?" I questioned, interested in why I was once again sleeping on the grass.

"...blew up the microwave..." he mumbled sleepily, cuddling into his tail. I sighed falling back onto the grass, my fox tail warming my feet. I looked around noticing I was next to the west door of the building we trained and spent our time in. I looked at the small forest, which was still a safe point (we were allowed to walk around safe points but not farther) I noticed a few trees, two names with a heart carved into it on one. I smiled, thinking cute of it.

...on the other hand, why do people bring knifes on dates...? or have dates at all or carve any freaking hearts in a pixeled game...?

.... why am I asking myself questions? idea.


‘’’Infinity Cuteclaw has scammed. ‘’’

‘’’transport to aj/ ban/ let it go ‘’’

My paw hovered over the flying buttons, deciding. He scammed an awful small amount from a pathetic fox, who seemed stupid enough to give him anything anyway. But... I still decided to transport him into Jamaa. Hesitant, I pressed the 'transport' button. The files of his DNA and body being sucked into the folder of his animal started popping up around me. I watched, as all the files slowly loaded.

What was happening with me now? I felt regret for sending him there. But he deserved it.

Everyone deserved it.

So why am I feeling as if it's WRONG?

Darn I don't care no more...

What am I saying, I do care-?

I huffed at myself, why am I having a conversation with myself? I've been doing this to over thousands of Jammers, why do feel down about this now?

I gained freedom, I'm not under the control of a hacking human

I’m my own self, and even if it was the human that created me and gave me self- awareness, let me know about my existence, I still decided to continue what he started before he was taken to jail.

Punishing the ones who need to be punished.

Maybe it's because I grew to understand only the dark side of the world, maybe I should stand in the light a bit, get to know-

Zios, what is happening with my brain

I looked around to see if the 'cords' soaring through the air where clean of any viruses or hacking devises, so the files wouldn't be destroyed.

A little 'ding' echoed of the walls, telling me the files where uploaded.

‘’’/ send Mira bird for revenge? / ‘’’

I put my paw on the button, pressing it down.

A smile snuck up onto my face.


what a wonderful word

And with that, all the doubts of sending him here being a bad idea-

Disappeared as quickly as they came.

chaper 10

(Little's POV)

The faint whispers of voices echoed through the room, same as all my other nightmares.

And once again, the mirror was in front of me- except instead of my usual face, there was the skeleton of a rabbit, laying on a throne in a volcano, cords and plugs running throughout the whole volcano.

This was to be my reflection, but it wasn't, and I didn't know what it meant.

"You hear us through the ringing... We get interested if you do..." once again the voice muttered, and once again I panicked, yet didn't move. I shut my eyes tight and thought of my group I am in now. Earwing group, group of wind, group of control-

"LISTEN TO ME" the voice boomed, but I remained silent and thought. Snowflake. Jake. Oliver. Mythical.

"LISTEN TO ME FOOL" the voice boomed, as I felt my knees getting weaker, but kept standing.

Think good things, my mom, the Earwings, and wind, the scores we beat, that we survived so far -

"STOP THINKING AND LISTEN" the voice screeched louder. I continued to shut my eyes, silent tears streaming down my cheeks. For a second I opened my eyes, to see something else in the reflection. The skeleton was now a snow-white rabbit, with a red liquid splattered all over its paws. Its fur looked dirty and covered in ash, it's eyes... it's eyes where grey, sad, as if he'd been to places where others would never wish to go. He was no longer in the volcano, but floating in darkness, and he looked confused. Maybe even lost.

He looked as if he’d been crying- his eyes red and puffy. His paws bloody, while his neck was covered with a layer of dust, suffocating him. He looked tired. He looked scared; confused. He looked lonely, all alone in that pit of darkness.

"LISTEN TO ME" the voice I have forgotten about called. I looked at the reflection. Its lips were moving as the voice spoke-

‘’” LISTEN TO ME”’’ they called. The voice was powerful, controlling, mad. Angry. But the reflection, instead of holding all those emotions, looked tired. Looked tired, confused, and sad.

“LISTEN TO ME!” -the voice said again, but this time the reflection was mine again. It was my lips that moved to the sound. It was me.

The darkness looked even more dark now.

The silence sounded even worse now.

chapter 11

(Blossom's POV)

I woke to a sound of a jammer screaming, sending shivers through my body. The sound was followed by quiet sobs, which were hardly heard due to the walls. I sat in the bed, pulling the covers up to my chin and turning into a little ball. A single tear fell down my face as I kept trying to tell myself it was all a bad dream, even though I was passed the fact that it was real.

My brain didn't want to confirm the fact this was all digital, so it kept making up excuses like; 'it's a nightmare, you'll wake up sooner or later'.

But I knew it wasn't correct.

It was still dark outside, the moonlight was the only thing that let me see in the darkness. The silent buzzing of a fly was heard, and the sobs died down.

Suddenly the door opened, smacking the fly and silencing it. Startled, I pulled the covers over my head in attempt to hide-which as I may ad- was pretty pathetic of me.

"Hey. I know it's like-" there was a small pause before the voice continued; "5 am, but take that cover of you, I need to explain a few things" I slowly took the cover of my head, and saw a black wolf with 'faded' red eyes. It had ghost-like, somewhat transparent antlers on her head, and a green-purple wristband. She smiled slightly, as I put the covers back. I through my legs over the beds edge, and her grin widened. She jumped next to me, falling into the fluffy bed.

"So. Everyone else is pretty busy, work and all, and so I was pretty much free, so I came by to-"

"Wait, what are they doing at this hour? Like you said it's 5 am, and somehow, it’s as dark as if it was midnight" I asked, as the wolf shook her head.

"Most teams are either nocturnal, or don't need much sleep, such as the Earwings, Dusters and Ariol, which I am in. The jammers who are in those teams basically train at night and somewhat work in the day. I was assigned to tell you what is going on and what you’re going to do." she explained, a smile still plastered on her face.

"So, as you know, we're in a pixelated world! And, as the fox from before told you, there’s multi-universes here, which I won't explain again, let's just get to it. "

"So, when our bodies leave earth, they pixilate, and are stored in a gigantic file, something like an endless universe. It's filled with our human bodies, which are put into small rooms. It's possible to access them, but there’s not much to do there, it's just a small white room you hardly fit in. "

"Anyways, our bodies are 'fed' when we eat here, unless something happened with the machines that send signals to the specific parts of your brain. But that hasn't happened for long. Anyways, basically whatever happens here, happens to our bodies. If you get hurt though, you'll feel it, but it won't be visible physically on your human skin" she said."

"Wait, why haven't I seen news about missing children and stuff? Nobody reported anyone missing!" I questioned, as she furrowed her eyebrows in concentration.

"Well, Earth also has its multi-universe. In the universe you go missing, it results in your parents noticing and informing the police and so on. But when you exit this place, the pixelated universe, you go into a new universe, in which nothing has changed, and you enter it at the same time you left to come here-it's as if time stopped and just started again" she said, as I nodded.

"Does that mean they won't be my real family...?"

"No, they have the same memories, same feelings, and nothing would be any different than if you stayed in the old universe, or the new one" I nodded at her words, humming in response.

"Anyways, to exit, you have to 'undo' your deeds. For example, I tried hacking into the system to get these beauties-" she paused to point at her transparent antlers before continuing.

"And now, I need to find a white phantom, get it to shock the antlers for them to flash from this to normal ones, of course survive while doing that, before I teleport back home. Although, the only other plus along with leaving is the fact that... you get certain powers- oh and, we all end up in the same universe, so, for example, I didn't exist in your old universe, but, I will in the new one" she smiled at me, as I nervously returned the action.

"So!" she exclaimed, jumping on my bed, startling me.

"Since you’re a Willberry, you gotta train with the others from tomorrow. And work will start in about 5 days due to you being new, so they told me to get you used to this place before starting an actual job here. Oh ya, and I’ll be you helper! Kind of, or something along those lines, since they told me to help you around. Well anyways, get some sleep, I’ll be back at 13 'o clock! Adios, amigo!" she handed me a paper before trotting out.

The paper was a timetable, filled with stuff like; phantom chasing, jump training, maze runner, hiding practice etc.

And here I was thinking I wouldn't be more confused.

chapter 12

(Lucky's POV)

The world around me started to twirl as I and the Panda Shaman started moving throughout the universes. There where colors swirling around me, brown, green, blue and white. Suddenly, it all stopped and we were standing in the middle of space, or, looking from a point in space. The endless lines of universes to explore was seen, and I started feeling anxious. This is will be my second actual mission, so I need to concentrate.

"Lucky, I need you to concentrate. What do you feel?" the Shaman asked, as I sighed.

"I’m anxious. And kind of scared" I informed her as she nodded.

"Now Lucky, close your eyes, and like last time, you'll end up in a new place. Find Snowflake and Mythical, when you do, say 'Alienia' and they'll remember you. We need to fix everything that's going down because of the alphas in the zero universe" he said.

I remember what went down, and didn't want it to go down again.

You see, in the zero universe, other words the first one, the alphas where injected with some powder that made them go on a killing spree. You see, it wouldn't affect any other virtual worlds if the injected substance was from one universe- but it wasn't. It was from another one, and now I need to run around universes, trying to help them. My friends- Snowflake and Myth couldn't come, since they were in a coma after fighting to save the Jamaa grounds.

But, there’s a word-Alienia, with which you can bring their memories into the heads of their copies from a different dimension. I somehow only have one copy (we'll talk about that later) and the word only works on two people.

Therefore, useful.

I slowly closed my eyes, not daring to open them yet. I felt the wind swirling around me, and fire burning under my tail. Suddenly, I felt nothing.

(Slash's POV)

Sipping my smoothie, I read the new newspaper one of the rooms made. It told about how we're grouped into different rooms, it had info on what room was what, on how we educate, and so on. I threw the paper behind me and exited the room, seeing my co-helpers working in the office that was outside my room.

Deper- a extremely skinny (almost skeleton-like) Lemur, with a black hat and a bandage wrapped around his face, his eyes only visible. He had a long shirt, and skinny jeans.

Illi, my best friend, a light blue fox in a white dress and long blue hair was typing away on the computer, probably making sure the files with the human souls and bodies don't get lost anywhere.

Beld, a brown fox dressed in a black suit was sitting in front of a gigantic desk with a million buttons, which probably only he has the patience to remember which one does what. Currently he was staring a large monitor, which let him see all the bodies of the pathetic humans.

We were mainly the ones who own the place, or help the least. We're the 'leaders' of a few of the rooms; Deper, the Earwings, Illi the Willberries, Beld the Beliam room (hence the name) and Me- the Ariol.

"Slash, I’m losing places to store the file systems of the bodies, there might be an overload and the bodies will have to be stored outside the boxes- but that might be hard, considering I don't have how to connect them with the air updates" informed Illi, who was still typing away on the computer.

"I'll get the air hacks for the new ones, we'll have to inject the air hacks into them, which'll be painful since the air hack doesn't work if the pain file is disabled" said Deper, as I nodded. He left the room, and I noticed Beld was pressing 'random' buttons on the 'more important' side of the desk.

"Something wrong Beld?" I questioned, as he just continued hammering away at the buttons.

"There’s a small overload, and if I don't finish this ‘’formula’’ there might be an overload in aj, meaning the game will be re-started along with all our bodies, so I rather spare the air and life hacks" he said, as I once again nodded. I sipped the rest of my smoothie before tossing it into the trash and opening the door.

"I'm going to go check up on a few jammers, see how their doing. I'll be back. And Illi, when Deper returns, tell him to inform his team there going out to try to get a few jammers outa this place. In the meantime, please don't murder anyone!" I called, before slamming the door shut and trotting down the hallways.

I turned the corner to the 'info' hall, where the walls where filled with information we may need. I looked at the paper with all the new jammers displayed and looked at the ones under the room name 'Kesses' and notice a name that catches my attention. 'Sillymoon’; room 572.

I quickly walk down the halls until I enter the room, only to find nobody there. I mentally pacepawed, since it's probably training time for them.

Sighing, I closed the door and went back to the info hall, to find someone else to check up on.



Hope you enjoyed~ ________________________________


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