Miras Twin

On animal jam, every jammer loved mira. But what they didn't know is that there is another side of Mira....        It was a normal beutifull day, not good enough for animal jam though! I logged onto my account on my mothers lap top, which  I snook from her while she was sleeping. That's when the weirdest thing hppended. It was the Jamaa News, it was different. In the middle, there was a picture of 2 miras. One of the miras was blue and looked like herself. The other Mira had black fur and red eyes. Her beak was the same as the one to the left. In the wrigthing to the left said this."Time to tell the truth. Mira has an evil twin, they got in a fight yesterday. That is why Animal Jam couldn't be played on cause the lives of the animals were in danger. The evil twin of Mira won and VANISHED the good Mira to a forbidden place. (The phantoms) Stay in fellow jammers dens or your den to be safe from her. She may come to your den, if she does. Go immediately to your buddies den and stay there until the red mark on your house icon goes away. If she catches you, well

FKHJFNSLJGNKJDNHKFGLLFYG6783HJ8638O6HIHDUI396748H The rest was crossed out, as if they don't want jammers to see what evil twin scribbled out. I spawned in my den, the crystal castle. That's when I thought of a GENUIS plan! I would hide at the top of my tower instead of going to my buddy's den! But that's when the most TERRIFYING thing happened! The evil twin of Mira's stood right next to me. I freaked out and I ran towards the top. My arctic wolf was running the fastest than it ever ran before. Red lighting struck down at the stairs to the top. I then went to the left and tried to go that way. The twin caught me and then the screen blacked out. It then came back on and I was in a cage. All of my items I was wearing were in a big see-through box. I then typed on AJ saying," Where am I? Why did you take me here? Help!!!!" I knew nobody was gonna awnser so I just started freaking out. That is when a dark shadow came towards me... It was the shape of mira. It had a text box and it said," Your precious Mira is lost forever. You shall now be vanished towards her. :evil laugh:" The evil twin then vanished me to the place where Mira was. When my screen came back on, I was in ANOTHER cage, but this time, I was in a cage WITH someone. That someone was Mira, she had scratches and whip marks all over her. There was cuts and blood dripping down from the cut. Mira then had a text box that said," Help" Mira and that artic wolf were never found, but... the evil twin of mira's may be the mira we have now.......

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