Chapter 1:  A saddened past

It was noon in Jamaa,and suddenly over many Jammers' heads soared a beautiful bird. Many thought it was an eagle, but it wasn't. It was something more beautiful. A green heron.

Not an usual green heron, but Mira's daughter, Skylar. She was there in Jamaa to bring peace and continue her mother's deeds by making what her mother didn't. But lets start from the beginning, in the ancient times when phantoms didn't exist. 

Skylar was born at the same day when Jamaa was created. Zios and Mira loved her dearly and protected her from everything evil, dreaming about the day Skylar would become the next Keeper of Jamaa, suceeding her mom. But their hopes were soon destroyed.

One day Zios was floating over Jamaa, watching the beautiful paradise. He slowly landed in a grassy field, full of flowers. This place seemed perfect for the castle. He summoned the magic of his mask and created a beautiful palace. He decided to call it The Temple of Zios.

One day Zios was told about a dark source hidden somewhere in the dark mountain. He had to go and destroy it. He called five Alphas to
Forbidden mountail aj

The forbidden mountain.

guard the land while he was gone. But soon, he died. Mira was so sad she couldn't stop crying. Her teardrops fell to the depths of the dark mountain and created the phantoms.

From that day the mountain was forbidden. But the evil phantoms led an attack against Jamaa. This was the beginning of the one hundred years war.

In the last battle, Mira went to battle the phantom mutant and did not return. But before she disappeared, she put Skylar under a spell that would keep her in an egg until she was safe from the phantoms.

Many, many years after, the egg was found...

Chapter 2: The birth of Skylar

The Alphas silently moved trough the forest. They had heard abou the energy that lightened up the skies of Jamaa. They have searched years for it, and they have finally found it...

Thats for now I'll continue it later cuz I'm too lazy. XD