Mira And Zios

The story of the gods of Animal Jam, Mira and Zios..

Story all made by me.++

++++++ PS: Enjoy :3


The day came, the day of Summer to find the truth.

When Summer goes missing in the time we need her most, the Daylight goes away, but mostly..

She needs us better than we need her..

~~~Chapter One: Summer's Reef~~~

1:40 A.M April 2, 2014

TaO Middle School

"The daylight begun, the daylight will be done. But most of all, who will be the sun?" Harper says, staring at my journal. I stare down at the hard wood cracks of the flooring. "Harper, I need that for class." I say, trying to snatch it from her. "No no.." she mumbles looking at the book. "I don't get that poem, but I do get this." she says taking a picture out of the book. There is a map, with oceans, islands, and our island. She points to a dot that says Summer's Reef and she jest stares at me. "I have to see th-" "Bu-" she slams the journal closed and slams it into my chest. "I have to see this, take me there." she says. "Fine.." I say walking away. She tries to catch up to me but I'm already at my locker. "Goodbye Harper.." I say waving to her. She walks away without saying anything. I smile and grab my history book. "Ahhhhh!" I hear somebody scream- Lili. She runs, yelling. "Lili!!!" I yell at her. "Bu..bu.." she coughs. "Bug!" she says pointing to a bug on her hand. It was dead all right. I wiped it off her hand. "Calm down, why don't cha'?" I say. We giggle and walk to class. I stare at a note on my desk.

The daylight begun, The Daylight Will Be Done. But most of all, meet me at the reef later.

I roll my eyes. It ain't even ryhme.. but... Harper. I quickly crumple up the paper and through it in the trash. Never happened... no paper.. no nothing.. "Mrs Dolaun?" Harper stares at the teacher. "Yes, that Dolaun." Harper bites her lip as everybody giggles."Please come up and correct this." Harper slowly gets up and walks past me as everybody giggles. Harper doesn't know what this is. She's probably goin- I stare at her as everybody laughs...

1 2 3 4
4 8 12 16
5 5

"It's not even finished!!!!" somebody laughs. I know, Harper. Jest, the teacher makes up his own things. The white letters repesents times and black letters represents division. The 1 your going to first going to divide it, so that is 6 there. But you needed to actually change it. It only goes to five. Then you do the math, and the left over 5 represents adding so in the bottom and top right row you add it. --Summer. I passed the note to her and quickly she wrote back: Show me what the table should look like. ---~~~Harper. I quickly write back,

1 2 3 4
2 4 6 13
3 6 9 17
4 8 12 5

And then. To equal the five: 4 _ 1 = 5, you have to add + 1 with that one instead of five. Then, your going to have to equal it. 1 x 2 x 3 x 4 = 24 then division.. but, it's jest like 24 divided by 24, = 1, then x 5. = 24 + 1 - 24 x 5 = 5 x 24 - 1 - 24 = ? ... ikr, don't make any sense but ye should have listened. -- Summer. I pass the note and she looks SOOO confused.

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