This story happens before angels fate, and refers to the incident that led to Crimson and Angelica's imprisonment. I will start it later, while you wait, please read Angels Fate, as the majority of characters will be introduced there, not anywhere else. And as for 'mistakes', like when I say Crimson is made with a part of phantom goop, I didn't make a mistake. All you need to know is that, for the majority of angels fate, when Crimson talks about who she is; She's lying. And Crimson will be referred to as that name, because this is the nickname she was given as a child.

Chapter 1: Happy Families.

"Wolf." Crimson's Mother, a beautiful Arctic fox known as Calisa, was testing her daughter on her abilities.

"Yes Mother." Crimson changed her small bunny body into a wolf like appearance. "Mother, you have told me the phantoms are evil, and cruel. If that is true, why am I able to use such powers without causing destruction?"

"Because you are not like them. You may be made of phantom goop partially, but you are not them. They are simply warriors in an army, designed to all have the same thought process. You, however, are not such. You are my daughter, and with or without your powers, I will always love you, no matter what you do. Now, back to bunny."

"Why a bunny as my normal form? Why not an arctic fox, or an Eagle?" Crimson returned to her bunny body. "Also why do you call me your daughter, despite my phantom like body cutting off any relations I had?"

"As for your form, you have to seem to age like a normal jammer. It would not make sense for you to suddenly be able to fly." Calisa looked out to the crowds celebrating spring. "And as for relations, you may no longer be truly related, but you are family all the same."

"I guess I understand. When is father home?" Crimson didn't seem to understand what her mother meant, but she wouldn't push it.

"Crimsona, you must understand I cannot control time. Why don't you go see your sister?"

"Hello, I'm home. What is that, phantom freak doing here still?" Crimson's father arrived at the home. "I told you we can't keep that here!"

"Crimson is my daughter as much as Myth. She would not try harm Myth, she loves her sister."

"She is no longer related to you or anyone. I don't want her near my daughter. Myth means the world to me, and that thing could take her away any time she wanted. If you believe she's safe with Myth, I'm not staying to watch you see how wrong you are. And neither is Myth."

"You can't just take Myth away. She's my daughter too. Crimson would never hurt her, let alone kill!"

Chapter 2: (coming soon~)

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