"Teeeeechyyy!!!" //glomps tech//

Heyo Mojave! I got something for you to try.

"What is it? What's that brown stick? Why does it have the word HERSHEY'S on it?"

It's chocolate. It's really good and sweet, but it can get sticky.

"OOOOOOOOH! It sounds nice~!"

//pushes chocolate into face//

//swallows chocolate// "Mmm, it's good! Did mommy like it?"

Heh, she liked-

"I did NOT like that. I told you not to give Mojave that so-called chocolate. Can you not hear?"

Hey, it's for the viewers! Be nice, Sahara. Just because Mira banished you from Jamaa doesn't mean you suffer forever. Onyx and the crows rescued you, you silly goose.

"I'm a sand cat, not a goose. I don't have feathers, wings, webbed feet-"

I'm just kidding! I'm just kidding! Can you not take a joke?

"Mommy, be nice to our creator."

//sighs// "Did you like the chocolate...?"

"I LOVED it! It tasted really good!"

Alright Mojave, say goodbye. You need to rest- you've been playing with your spaniel friends for a while.


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