Prologue: Did you know a panda is a feared AJ animal because of one thing: DEATH AND HACKING? The panda used to be so loved, but you should really listen up, little ones... Because I will tell you why it is now feared.

Chapter 1: "Estelle, Estelle, look, look! A jammer sent us a request for a panda!" said Max.

"Well, Max, we'd better get started!" Estelle said, a little nervous. A little bit later Estelle and Max were done! "Now all we need is somebody to test it out!" said Estelle.

Max searched and found somebody. "Aha.'' said Max. "She'll be GREAT!"

Chapter 2: A girl who played AJ walked in. "You wanted to see me?" the little girl said, nervous.

"Yes, we did.' said Estelle.

Max looked at the little girl. "You know why?''

"NO!" said the little girl.

"We want YOU to test out our new animal... A PANDA!" Said Max.

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