(I would like to apologize to Shystar.... )

Author stared up at the sky full of stars. Bold sat down next to her " it's a nice night". Author nodded. Bold put his hand on her's . In a bush a fox and a wolf giggled , Italic and Icy. Italic wispered " There gonna kiss" and did a fist pump. Bold looked at Author " I -I-I like you.. " . Author smiled " I like you too." Bold brought Author in close and they kissed , a kiss of true love. Bold got on one knee "Will you marry me? " Author looked at him " Yes I will! " Bold hugged her "and I see one more thing ". Bold walked over to the bush and pulled out an ice blue fox by the scruff then pulled out a wolf. Icy awkwardly smiled " Got a go!" and ran off with Italic "BAD CHOICE! ". The two canines ran off as fast as they could.

The end

( I'm SoRrY! )

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