*This is my first story told from my animal's POV*

Hi, listeners. Do you dare let me talk of the Moonlit Stars? Well, my name is Enchanted. Let me tell you about this rather scary experience. Every last scrap of detail.

I was walking around in my den, this was a big day. It was Make Music Day. And well, you see, one of my hobbies is making music. I was asked to preform at a birthday. There was this 6-year-old wolf who really likes my music, so I'm preforming this at his 7th birthday. It was time. I got my guitar and piano and their players (Mythical and Little and no this Little isn't evil.) and went out the door. I got in my red sports car, and drove off.

I had arrived. "Look, it's Enchanted!" I heard someone say. My name might be famous now, who knows? I walked into the building. It seemed like it was a school. "Jamaa Elementry School" it read. I opened the door, my players behind me. I was greeted by Magical. "I am the teacher for Prince, the birthday wolf." She said. I nodded. I went to the classroom, and there was a little stage set up for me. How nice of them! "Everyone," I said through the microphone. "My name is Enchanted. I have come here to preform, as you all probably know." They clapped and cheered. I liked to bring joy to little faces. "This is my first song, sung for the birthday boy, Happy Birthday." I said cheerily. I had planned a list of songs. We sung the traditional song, our words coming with joy.

"Happy Birthday.... TO YOU!"

We sung the last line. The wolves seemed delighted, waiting quietly for the next song. What a good class! I was starting to feel light-headed, though. I decided to ignore it. I said through the microphone, "The next song is..." My voice trailed off as my world spun. I was unaware that I looked dizzy, and was stumbling back. "Enchanted!" Cried the whole class. I collapsed on the floor.

I woke up in a bed. "You just woke up from fainting." Said a nurse. I had been passed out for a few minutes. They told me how the class was worried sick, and crying. I was sorry. They told me how they thought I was dead. I went to the class, still weak, but I could walk. The class brightened up as they saw me walk through the door. "Your not dead!" Said one named Snowflake. "Of course I'm not dead. Or am I a ghost?" I joked. The young pups laughed at my question.

I was back home, reading in my bed. I decided to go out and star gaze for a moment. The stars seemed to shine with an unnatrual light. The Moonlit Stars. Those words seemed to cloud my gaze, yet I did not see them. This is their curse. Later on, I had very bad luck. The words seemed to play in my head: "You have looked at the Moonlit Stars."


*Please Do not edit beyond spelling mistakes.*

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