Just a short story I put together! Enjoy!

Foolish, worthless jammers... Infinity thought as he scammed yet another beta. "Give it back! Scammer!" A jammer typed. Infinity chuckled to himself, watching the furious jammer. Eventually, he got bored, so he changed servers. "How about... Hmm, hmm, hmm! I know. Tigris is pretty full." Infinity muttered as he clicked Tigris. Smirking to himself, he read the usual jammer tips on the loading page. "Aren't very useful tips, I must say, Animal Jam."

"They're filled with greed, not in need. Heart of stone, all alone! SCAMMERS STOP, LET YOUR GREED DROP!" Infinity hesitated for just a moment, reading the jammers' determined chant. No, I want MORE! MORE MORE MORE! He thought, and switched servers. "Best trust wins my founder! I never accept!" Infinity typed, and watched as trades flooded in. Aha! He thought, finally, and accepted a trade of a Founder's Hat, Rare Long Black Spiked Collar, River Race, and Non-rare Headdress. "Ha! Ha ha ha!" He quickly typed, then switched server to scam, although it never filled his satisfaction.

"Best trust wins my River Race! I never accept!" The first trade was a Cami's Frog, from a non-member bunny who looked like it didn't have any other rares. Just to break the bunny's heart, which was worthless to him, he accepted. "Give it back! Please! PLEASE!" Full of greed, though, Infinity changed server, ignoring the desperate bunny.

Half an hour later, he heard the doorbell that meant someone was in his den. "Don't you dare be that bunny..." Infinity groaned, and went to his den. "Infinity! Hi!" An arctic wolf, like him, typed. Her name was Rose. "Hello, honey. I have a present for you!" Infinity typed, and sent her the Cami's Frog. Rose thanked him, and decided to introduce him to someone. "Infinity, meet Leaping, my bestie." Infinity looked in horror at Leaping. That worthless bunny! He thought angrily, then looked back up towards Rose, as she was speaking. "I know I am your only friend but... We're done, you stupid heartless scammer!" From then on, Infinity learnt his lesson, and never scammed again, but always longed for Rose, who now hated him.


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