Mum's Umbrella

I love my mum. My mum loves me. Sometimes when I'm sad she comes to comfort me. If she's not there, I look at her umbrella. You might be thinking: "Why would an umbrella be any use?" Well, when I go home, my mum comes and picks me up, not in a car, but with an umbrella. The students call me a wussy because they think that it's stupid because you walk home with your mum. Though, I love being by her side. The cold dark rain outside, and it feels so warm and light by mums side. I started to love the rainy days, more than the sunny ones.

One day, the school bell rung. It was raining. I felt my school shoes get soaked with rain. The soft tickling sensation resting on my feet as a walked towards the rainy school entrance. An hour passed and my mother still wasn't there. Suddenly, a police car started to speed towards me. A policeman got out and said "Your mother is dying, the house caught on fire and we could salvage nothing, come to the hospital quick" As I got in the car, everything was blurry as everything raced past.

The hospital didn't seem so friendly anymore, the friendly staff didn't brighten it up. It was dull. There were no kids playing in the Play Area. For once, I hated rainy days. The tickling sensation didn't feel as nice anymore. I sat outside my mother's room as I heard a few bumps and thumps. Then all of a sudden, it got quiet. The door opened. A doctor shuffled outside, and turned around to look at me. He was a tall black man with golden brown eyes. I burst into tears, I knew what happened. She didn't make it! I ran inside the hospital room to see my mum laying there. I ran up to her, pushing up and down on her chest in a desperate attempt to get her breathing again. When I found out she wasn't going to suddenly be alive, I hugged her. The warm sensation felt cold, as if I had been standing in the snow nude. Leaned up against the wall, sat my mums retractable umbrella. I grabbed it, I only wanted the umbrella. The nurse asked me to leave but I stood there. "No" I replied, a stern tone in my voice. My eyes were full of tears. "Come out now or god help me what I will do!" The nurse hissed. "Your talking to a kid who lost her parents dingbat!" I hissed back. The same black doctor came in and dragging me out. I wiggled and screamed trying to be with my mother one more time. I tried holding onto the door handle, but I couldn't hold on. I started banging my fists on the floor. "MUMMY! MUMMY DON'T LEAVE ME PLEASE!" I screamed over and over again.


Created by Catsglitter

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