My parents were out so my sister and I decide to play AJ together. She didn't have an account yet, so she made one, her username was pinkanimal. We went to a trading party, I got a Jam-A-Gram. It said "Meet me in Kimbara Outback!" I went there and saw a black wolf with red x eyes and the red square-spiral pattern. It's username was Corruptedsouls. I was slightly creeped out... my sister followed me and did the skeptical emoticon. It said, "Save me." i do the animated questioning face. "Your soul" it said, i went to my den and it followed me. I decided to log off and log back on. I was changing my look and saw something in my inventory... It was like a fox hat, but different..

The item...

I was freaked out, my sister was logged off and when she got back on she has the same item. I put it on and this happened...


I move to a different game for a while and my sister tells me to go back on aj, so i do.. my animal is changed to look like Corruptedsouls, i have a Jam-A-Gram so i open it, "You didn't help, just because i am a new jammer, you denied me, what are you? You will be lost forever.." I was shocked, he was a non-member and thats WAY over the dumb 70 character animal turn entirely black, i got another Jam-A-Gram that says, "1 hour, you will die" I scream and log off, I'm up to my last minutes to live, please, if you ever see Corruptedsouls or a new jammer, be kind, or this will happen to you, please, rememmmmmberdsf meffggggggggggggggggggggggggfffdgyjvedhmk,


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