NOTICE: I use actual people as I am lovepeaceandcode and my friend is Archive223, but this didn't actually happen. This is my first creepypasta. Warning: Creepypasta


I logged in as usual. My arctic wolf with the orange long came on. My user lovepeaceandcode landed in Jamaa Township. As soon as I arrived , people asked for my spike. "Ugh." I thought to myself. "spike beggars." I changed into a less rare outfit, and decided to find my friend, Archive223. She didn't beg. Yay.

Wanna Hang?

I entered her den. She was a member, and always had snazzy looking outfits in my opinion. "Heyo. Sup?" I called. "busy" she typed. "doing what?" I asked. "I CANT TELL YOU" She replied. I started thinking "Huh?". So I said again, this time using grammar rules, "What are you doing?"

She didn't reply. Instead a demonic voice came though my speakers, in a deranged whisper, "I said I couldn't tell you. Face the price." My screen faded blood red.

Wait what? My hands turned into arctic wolf paws! I looked in a mirror. I looked exactly like an arctic wolf! The floor sank into a portal, me falling through. Down, down down....... Wait... was this AJ? I landed with a sickening CRUNCH. I blacked out from all the pain.

Torchure Chamber

I woke up, still doozy from pain. "Where am I?" I thought out loud. I looked up. Stone celings. Stone everything. I moved my hands and feet. I was chained. Bloody, rusty, handcufts... I was the only one there, until Creak....

"Hello" I called. I was blindfolded.


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