So this is just everything that has happened in my AJ life. That I remember, of course! So it all begins in 2010....

Joining The Beta (I'm ancient!)

I joined in September. September, 5th, 2010. My friend had been playing it so I planned to check it out for myself. My first account was Pomegranite1234 (yes, I was a little kid so I did a typo.) and I was a bunny. As soon as I joined, I splurged my gems on camis, tables, fountains, mats! It was a happy game. I didn't really interact with the few people who played AJ, but my life was casual up until 2013..

When action takes place

Throughout 2010-2012, boring. Memberships ruined AJ. People claiming to have played in the testing when they clearly have no idea the seal was the first released animal, or that the Scarecrow ISN'T A beta, but just a prize from the Halloween mini game. I'm ALOT less rare, but I'll NEVER trade away my betas. I have the first person as a friend, her name is Bluetea500. We role played as sisters constantly, and trusted each other to preserve rares! I grinned as I opened the monthly gift, and received a pink and red Elf Tail Armour! I was SO happy!!! Guess what? Scammed! Tea tried to help me out the best I could, but I still feel the sadness of losing what of such a beta if it was today. Sorry, I do admit it, but I scammed a lot! Luckily i wasn't that successful, relying on 'i never accept, trust me!' (Original lines of trust trading :0 ) and 'gift for gift!' To scam, but I was small and I didn't understand people didn't want to be scammed. (Well, I was old enough to know but I just didn't care really XD) Suprisingly, Pomegranite1234 has NEVER been suspended. Ever. I quit AJ Because I felt I was becoming obsessive with the rares (AJ IS ADDICTING!!!) and sorrowfully quit, leaving Tea.

2014. Reunited after a year!!!

i can still remember it as if it was yesterday! It was December somewhere, 2014. I had recently rejoined AJ, My new account being HoticyhotFLAME (cheesy). I almost fell out of my chair when I saw... Hopping servers to find a full township was.... Omg! Could it be?!

"Hey, did you have an AJ sister before?" I asked the wolf.

"Ya I really miss her. Why do u ask?" I told her what's happened.

"OMG ITS U!" she screamed. I was so happy to be with her again! I remember when gazelles came out... Poor gazzies... I had traded my two red longs for 8 altogether, latre realising with horror they were in stores! Miserable. Guess what DIDN'T help? Username changed, AGAIN. To Jammer27571. I stuck with it for like.. OH MAI GAWD LIKE UNTIL NOW!

Da Shtuff In 2015.

Miserable, bored... Changed username to password accidentally, changed to KoishiSan after ages of complaining to AJHQ about I didn't want dish name I wanted DAT name. Bored!

and here we are NOW. Arwen419 makes me wanna quit. Oh yeah! And also in January, I had NO idea that he was using mods but Swagsplash scammed my blue and yellow long!!! Kids. Just DON'T FLASH TRADE. okay?!

Sorry if this was bad, I can't remember much of it and I half quit in 2011 and 2012 (scammed of a HAIL OF ALOT of things bruh.) :(

thanks for reading, please comment =D Bai!

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