Chapter 1

When I spawned in Jamaa Township, I had no idea what was about to happen. Someone called out, "Adopting Center my den!". I was bored, so I changed into my bunny (Little Spiritmaster) and went. It was a fantasy castle. I went in a little room. I played for a while, and right as I was gonna give up, a fox named Prince Happypaws said, "I will adopt you Little." I buddied him, and went to his den. His username was Undermyspell123. His den was a small den. When he got to his den, It was decorated nicely with a mat, cleverclaw's dresser, and bamboo fences for walls in my room. What I didn't know was soon to be realized.

Chapter 2

Prince changed into a white fox with red paint splatters, blue boy eyes, and a baseball cap. "I'm going to get you a sister," he said. I replied, "OK." My sister's name was Tiny Prettybelly. "Can I go to the Dinner Party?" I asked. "Sure." said Prince. When I arrived at the dinner party, another bunny named Knight Bravepaws did the love emoji. I thought he was handsome, so I did it back. After we had a nice dinner, we went to Prince's house. Prince got angry. His animal jumped at Knight. They fought, but Prince won. "Next time, ask before you bring a guest to this house." I was horrified. But worse things are to come. or are they

Chapter 3

My friend and I were the best buddies ever! I went shopping with her one day. That is also the day she died. We got a real bargain with this one trader. He thought the new butterfly hair bows were unreleased items! He traded us each a black long spike and a founders for them. We were so excited. When we were done, we returned to our dens. Well, my friend didn't. My friend was a blue tiger. She thought I went to my den, so she followed. Prince yelled, "You didn't ask to have a friend over!" and he gouged out my friend's eyes. Then, he tore off her arms and her head. "Next time," he said, "I'll kill your sister too."

Chapter 4

I was terrified. I tried to go to my den and unfriend him, but the buttons were grayed out. The only place I could go to was his den and, coincidentally, Kimbara Outback, the least popular place. "I'm going to roleplay," he said. He went to Sarepia Forest. Prince was a very popular power player. I sat and cried for a while, then, when he came back, Prince made fun of me for being a crybaby. I cried more. "STOP!" he ordered, "OR SOMEONE WILL HEAR YOU AND I'LL KILL YOUR SISTER!". I kept on crying. The last thing I remember is a shot, a cry for help, and silence.

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