Please note that the only form of affection in this story will be hugs and kisses. There will also be NO children or family. I'm planning to make this very cheesy so just....myeh.

My name is Wretched. I'm probably the nerdiest girl in my high school. Never been asked out, always the outcast, I'm quiet, etc.

But that was all going to change.


As I sat down in my chair, I listened as the teacher started blabbing about the Civil War, stuff I'd already learned in Elementary school.

"We also have an exchange student from Mt. Shiveer, please meet Prince!" she said as she escorted this cute boy over to his seat. He was really, really attractive, Perfect chestnut fur, soft tail and muzzle, but- something was wrong with his eyes. His eyes were kind of cloudy and silvery.

"Please do be kind to him, he is blind after all!" My teacher said.

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