A white arctic wolf was running through the trees. The wind whipped her face, and the sky was dark due to rain. She still remembered what her mom said: "Run, Enchanted, run!" She had never looked back, a huge Goat, named Master, had been chasing her and her family.

Enchanted stopped in her tracks, and looked behind her. Nobody was there. She could only see the fading shadow of Master, that means he had given up.

Chapter 1

Enchanted yawned, and she stretched. It was early in the morning. She looked at her clock, it said it 6:00. She had hoped to go to a place to eat out, like Jamma Eats.

She looked at the Jamaa Journal, and she found something. It read:

'There is a New Jammer in Jamaa. But, this is no normal New Jammer! You must come to our den. We will tell you why.' That's all it said. Enchanted went to AJHQ's den, and gasped.

AJHQ had been waiting. "I must tell you the story," said the otter. I sat down. "There is this New Jammer. He has been hacking Jammers," started AJHQ. Enchanted looked surprised.

"And, due to them, Jammers are leaving," continued the otter. Enchanted was worried. She could not live without her spike! "Five Jammers will put a stop to this."


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