Written by Littlespiritmaster123, aka teddybear5678

And Shystar500AJ, aka M78642 (On AJ)

Chapter 1: Introduction

My imaginary friend is my only friend in real life and animal jam. I know she is imaginary because she doesn't have a username and her animal is an animal you can't have. She killed my other friends so I could be friends with her. Just her. I live in an asylum, Justice Asylum. They say I'm mad, but I don't believe them. I love to kill. The rush of blood, the screams, it is all so amazing for me. My friend helps. I hacked the animal jam system, to make me able to kill people. You see, I own a server called Justice. It's where I kill my victims.


Me!! Shystar500AJ will!!

Chapter 2: My Server

My sever is dark and gloomy, but I like it that way, it makes me feel happy for all the hacking and killing that I do. Whenever someone enters my server, they don't return. I tell my imaginary friend that we will split the body, half and half. Whenever a stray 7-8-9 year old comes on, it's even more fun. "OH NO!" They scream. "Oh yes," I say as I kill them.


I will! (little spirit master) (I guess we'll just take turns shystar!)

Chapter 3: Thrills

My friend on animal jam is a clown with a chainsaw in her hand. No one can track me down! Today I killed a little girl named Baroness Vonivy. My friend ate her head, and I ate her organs. In real life, my imaginary friend looks just like the animal.

Chapter 4: Explanations

A couple of months ago my friend killed everybody in the asylum, so now I'm alone. Everyone who enters, dies. I have a rat spy on my victims. He told me that everyone I kill in Animal Jam dies in real life! Justice is by far the third most popular server, so I have a lot of people to kill.

(shystar ur turn!)

I'm back! There may have been confusion, so I'll be rewriting Chapter Two: My Server.

I like my server, it's nice and gloomy, perfect for me to use my hacking virus, called KiLlInG HaCkS FoR DuMmIeS. I lure them in, using whatever intruges them, rares or otherwise. Then my friend Clownie (that's what I call her, so yea.) Bursts in and says: "You got the best rare in Animal Jam! You get to see an unreleased item!" Then she shows her chainsaw. I watch this scene go on and on for days, I never get bored of it.

Your turn Little, I hope I cleared stuff up!

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