I DO NOT OWN ANIMAL JAM! Im also not taking any credit for SquidDaddy, Momsandy Or LukeSkywalkerJC!

I had just finished trading in Aldan, when I heard some people talking about this "Lost Jammer". Of course being curious, I decided to eavesdrop. "I heard that he hacks your account and takes away ALL your items" a rhino said. " I agree. Its very scary.." a panda replied. I decided to ask my buddies SquidDaddy ( Guintopia! ) and MomSandy ( Generally AJ ), what this was all about!

They were in Jam Mart Clothing. "Hai! Have you come to film another Rebel?" Guintopia asked? "Yeah! I can go get Luke.." Said MomSandy. "No Thanks! I just wanted to ask about this Lost Jammer.." I murmured. Momsandy And Guintopia exchanged glances with fear in their eyes." Oh No. Don't tell me you believe this lie too?" I asked shaking my head. "No Seriously!" Said Momsandy. "He is real, look it up!" Replied SquidDaddy! I sighed and opened another tab on my laptop.

Sure enough, Momsandy and SquidDaddy were right! I clicked on the first lost jammer tab, and read the story. It was so unreal to me I laughed so hard the Dr.Pepper I was drinking sprayed out of my nose! I went back to my AJ tab but SquidDaddy And Momsandy were gone.. "Umm Ok.." I mumbled and decided I would try this ritual..

" This is so dumb" I typed. as i layer out the so called "Portal". I then placed the red painted pot. I then finally looked up the username. Decompose1. But the strange thing was.. He was online!! I could feel sweat trickling down my forehead.. Its probably just a glitch I thought to myself. But it wasn't. The next thing I knew I was being chased by this dark wolf with white beady eyes.

Then I was logged off. When I finally logged back in! Everything was gone!! I then quit Animal Jam.. FOREVER.