My character on Animal Jam is named Little Vonwolf. I logged on to AJ and went straight into my den. There was a surprise just waiting to be seen. I saw a Cami's Frog and Beta flooring. I was so excited, I did not know how I got these items. Then I got a call from AJHQ and they said that someone hacked into my account. I went back into my den and blood smeared across the Cami's face. It said, "Find Lisa, and close the Portal!" Then it disappeared into thin air! I put on a sword and some armour, and I went to the Adventure Basecamp. I went to the Phantom Portal. Maybe a phantom got my Cami's Frog! It probably wanted me to avenge it.

Then I did the Adventure, and I closed the Portal, and, the prize I got was, a CAMI'S FROG! I was so surprised, and when I placed it in my den, it was a memory and was there forever and after.

                          ~The End~

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