"Cookies are my life," Tomato mumbled while his mouth was full with a chocolate chip cookie. "Man, I love them."

He looked down at his blank piece of paper he was going to draw on, but then decided to write a poem about the cookies.

"Uhh, let's see," he said, tapping his pencil eraser on his desk. Just as he was about to write the first word, Awesome and Spaghetti came in.

"YO BRO!" said Awesome, a smirk on his face. "CHECK THIS OUT!" Spaghetti grinned as he took an empty jar, reached into it, and out came a cookie.

Tomato stood up and pushed up his glasses. "NO FRICKIN' WAY, DUDE! CAN I HAVE ONE?"

Awesome was about to hand him a cookie, then he looked behind his friend to find five cookie jars full of cookies. "Uhh, bro? You were the one that took the cookies?"

Tomato's face turned red, then he spun around and ran.

"NOO!" yelled Awesome and Spaghetti as Tomato escaped with the infinity cookie jar.

// cue lively, upbeat rock music //

// tomato starts screaming //


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