This was a dream I had that I polished up a little, but this was about where it went.

Nunya and me are the children of Poseidon in this story.

There had come out a new famous Zelda game, which had something to do with BEN Drowned, and it was so famous that there had even been built a giant shrine, about 20 meters high, with Link shields and swords around it. The strange thing about this game was that, since it had come out, it had caused an infinite spring. Most people didn't seem to care, but Nunya and me knew what the dangers where, so we were thinking of a solution. Then I got the plan to ask our dad, Poseidon, to make a big sandstorm to blow the infinite spring away (at this point we didn't know what caused the infinite spring). So Poseidon set out to a good place to stand while he was making the giant sandstorm, while me and Nunya where telling everyone to find a hiding spot.

(Little side info, a good friend of Nunya and me, Pauli, was going to have his wedding soon.)

The sandstorm began and everyone took his or her hiding spot. We sat there for half an hour and then Nunya and me got impatient, so we set out to see if we could do anything interesting. We came past Pauli's house so we went in there to see what was up. Pauli's mom was stressing because Pauli didn't have a tuxedo suit yet. So we set out again, leaving Pauli behind for the moment. Then we went past the Zelda shrine. We saw strange figures through the sandstorm. So we both took a sword and shield, because we knew we were the only ones that could go through the sandstorm with relative ease, us being the children of a god. When we came closer we noticed that it wasn't people, but spirits. Spirits of the Spring! Now we knew what was going on. The game had something in it which got spirits of the spring to come over. So we attacked the spirits and after a heavy battle there was only one left. We decided to do attack together, since this one seemed superior to the others. We attacked him, our magic powers combined, but he threw us back with ease.

Poseidon had seen this whole battle and was coming to help, this is the point he arrived.

Nunya and me both layed with our back on the floor and the spirit was about to attack, and we knew we would both die, so we told each other how much we loved each other and our death wishes. The spirit attacked and when it was just above us, Poseidon jumped out of the sandstorm and pinned the spirit down with his magic trident. He helped us stand up while the spirit flew away. We realized that that was the original spirit of our planet so we let him go. Poseidon stopped the sandstorm and we saw that the spirits dropped a beautiful kind of silk, so we went to the best clothier in town and let him make a tuxedo suit and wedding dress out of the silk, which magically could change color. We took both the dresses, thanked the clothier, went to Pauli's house and handed him the dresses. The mother was so thankful she almost kissed our feet. So Pauli and his fiancée got married and at this point in time I proposed marriage to Nunya, with a beautiful ring I found between the spirits in a little box embedded with this special silk. She was flattered and said yes, since I was the one she wanted all along.


Dreamer: User:SlayerOfTheBad

Special Thanks: User:Squazzil for proof reading.

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